The story of the 'Mischief Mazda' and the cover of the original Midnight Club

Brandon, MB
So essentially, VINWiki has been doing a lot of videos with some pretty bonkers stories about cars (if you can ignore the somewhat clickbait-ish video titles) and their latest one piqued my interest, and probably others as well: the story about that yellow car that graces the cover of the original Midnight Club.

Recommend giving the video a watch, it's pretty interesting (and has some equally crazy stories of the street racing that was going on in early 2000's America)

Downhill Dino

United States
Skimmed through it to see what it looked like, will have to take a closer watch later. But I'm more curious about the red MR2 that shows up in the intro.

Joey D

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Holladay, UT
GTP Joey
I actually knew Dustin some years ago and would hang out with the Teckademics crew when they'd come to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. I met them through a buddy of mine who had wealthy parents who let him thrash on a Viper without a care in the world. We did some monumentally stupid stuff.

I never saw the MX2 though, only "Dado's" drifting M3.
I always thought that the street racing scene before the first Fast and the Furious was fascinating, and there's so little about it other than period media made before it blew up. There's a clear difference between the stuff like Tokyo XTreme Racer or Thunderbolt and Need for Speed Underground; and while I wouldn't say either of them is better the approach to them was obviously not the same.
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