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    From the time I played the game yesterday and today, I came up with 3 race stories that I thought I'd share with the rest of you.

    #1 - Battle at Silverstone

    So here I am doing a 8 lapper at Silverstone. A mini endurance. I was in the Saleen S7R, and the competition was comprised of another S7R, the #88, the GT1-class C5R, and some other GT2 class cars. I was starting 2nd, behind the #88. That one pulled off very quickly at the start, worrying me a lil, but I quickly caught up to him. I was hanging on his tail for the first half of the first lap, he would accelerate out of the corners faster than me, but my car would top out higher on the straights. Near the end of the lap, I passed him on the outside of the last corner. During the next lap, all went well and dandy, but I spun out halfway through the lap, and the #88 and other S7R got around me. No biggie I thought, would just push harder to catch up to them. I did another small mistake on that lap, and now I really had it made for me. I pushed really hard for next couple of laps, and by lap 5, I caught up to the #88 and passed him again. The other S7R had passed him and kept pushing ahead. I kept on hoping I would catch him. Was on hil tail on lap 7 of 8, and I passed him just as we went into the final lap. I pushed really hard and was 3 seconds ahead of him by the end of the final lap. Had a small mistake on 2nd last corner which gave me emotions, but I kept 1st place and won in the end. :tup:


    1. Mustang - Saleen S7R ~15 minutes
    2. AI - Saleen S7R +3 seconds
    3. AI - #88 +10 seconds
    4. AI - C5R +15 seconds
    + other results in GT2 class cars

    #2 - Endurance at Road America

    This time it was a 20 lapper at Road America. I chose to let my teammate Volo race this one instead of myself. He was in the S7R as well, and the competition consisted of the #88, another S7R, a C5R, a racing Zonda, an M3 GTR and like an NSX GT2 class. All started well, and Volo pushed really hard on the first 2 laps. In fact, he pushed so hard, and with the luck of the opponents behind him having some crash, he was up 20 seconds on 2nd place by the end of lap 3. So far so good. He kept pushing on, did no mistakes, and it looked like fuel was running low by lap 8. He pitted on lap 9, switched tyres and refuelled. Things were not looking good because he figured he would have to pit again since the fuel had not lasted him halfway through the race. Not good at all. Fortunately, the S7R and the #88 and the C5R as well all pitted on lap 9, what luck! The Zonda however did not, and while Volo just finished fuelling up, the Zonda passed him on the main straight. Not good at all! Came out on the track, and the Zonda was 19 seconds ahead. Hmm... Volo pushed and he was only 16 seconds down by lap 10. The Zonda pitted on that lap too, so Volo passed him. Looking happier now, Volo pushed on. By lap 13, he came to pass the NSX GT2 which was lapping much slower than the cars on the leading lap. Got by him quite easily, but then by lap 15, he came up on the M3 GTR. The M3 GTR was not too slow, but wasn't fast either. Volo lost 5 seconds on that lap as the M3 would not let him pass. He passed him on the front straight, yelling something to the M3 on the way most likely, and realized that fuel wasn't looking good, and we'd probably have to pit sometime soon! Volo decided to pit early on lap 17 instead of lap 18, maybe fuel had indeed run out already, and the other S7R, #88 and C5R on the leading lap also pitted on same lap. The M3 GTR and Zonda passed him however while he was in the pits. However, by a chance of luck, the Zonda had to pit the next lap on lap 18, instead of managing to last him the whole race with only 1 pit. Luck struck again. The race came to an end after that on lap 20.


    1. Volo - Saleen S7R ~43 minutes
    2. AI - Saleen S7R +15 seconds
    3. AI - #88 +20 seconds
    4. AI - C5R +22 seconds
    5. AI - Zonda +1 minute
    6. AI - M3 GTR +2 minutes
    7. AI - NSX +1 lap
    and some other AI, don't quite remember

    #3 - Battle of the Titans

    This time I decided to go head to head against Volo myself. My car of choice was the C5R, and I gave Volo the S7R. I decided to add some AI for some good racing, put an AI on easy difficulty on the LMP1 car (a Caddillac Northstar I think), an AI medium on a Vette C5 Touring Car, an AI medium on a Caddy CTS-V SCCA/Touring Car, an AI hard difficulty on a 911 GT3 Cup car. Interesting selection if I may say so. The track of choice was Road Atlanta on 5 laps, and the plan was to recreate a mini-ALMS race. I was starting 1st, and by my side the S7R and the LMP1 behind me. The S7R got off to a quick start, and the LMP1 tried to get around on 1st corner, but I blocked him. The S7R was quick, but I was faster through the corners. I had thought Volo how to drive, so I was hoping he'd let me pass him :sly: . I was wrong :dunce: . The S7R pushed hard through the straights, and the LMP1 got around me quickly, also probably yelling at me on the way as he was in a higher up class than me (my C5R was GT1). I still hanged around his tail on the backstraight pulling into his draft, but he was still too quick. I was about 5 seconds down on the S7R, and I had made some mistakes, but I was hoping I could catch him. I was quite wrong, and I never really managed to make up the time. For the next laps, I just did my best, and saw that the car in 1st was pulling ahead of the one in 2nd fast. I thought the LMP1 must've gotten around Volo and was pulling ahead hard. Also saw some kind of battle was going on in the class below. Interesting. The race ended, and I was surprised to find that Volo got 1st. The S7R lapped about 3 seconds faster than me on best lap, and the LMP1 about 1 second. The 911 GT3 Cup managed to finish ahead of the more powerful C5 Touring Car, prolly cause that was a hard difficulty AI. I took a look at the replay, and the 911 finished just .2s behind the 4th place in the Caddy CTS-V. He had quite a battle with him, and just barely lost to him. I also looked at Volo's pace, and man was that S7R fast. Anyway, interesting experiment.


    1. Volo - Saleen S7R
    2. AI Easy - Cadillac LMP1
    3. Mustang - Corvette C5R
    4. AI Med - Cadillac CTS-V SCCA/Touring
    5. AI Hard - 911 GT3 Cup
    6. AI Med - Corvette C5 Touring Car

    Alright, well I hope you all enjoyed reading this. If you haven't figured it out already, all of this took place in Forza Motorsport as that's how the 911 and all these racing cars were present. The #88 is a Ferrari 550LM by the way, the one by the Prodrive team, and the Caddy LMP1 is the one that competed in ALMS I think and has GM OnStart livery or Cadillac Northstar livery, can't remember, one of the two. Even though it wasn't in GT4, I hope you enjoyed reading this as I felt they were interesting race stories to share. Oh and Volo is the drivatar by the way, I thought him to race kind of like me, and I'm impressed by how fast he was in the S7R.
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    He gets lost a lot. ;)

    But those are some good stories. Hopefully there are some Hemmingways among the Forza nuts who have a good story to tell. I'll see if I can do a race sometime that's free of the Need for Speed Underhanded A.I., but GT4 is a better candidate for that.