Throttle Failure?

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United States
I've been experiencing throttle-level failure for a few days with any car in the game.
I have a Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel, when I step on the throttle, it only fills half the screen, no matter how much I step on it, it only fills half of the on-screen buzzer.
I let you imagine the loss of power and speed and acceleration ...
It only happens to me with GTSport, in other games with a steering wheel on PS4 everything is perfect, on PC everything is correct, and you can see in the configuration parameters that it is perfectly stepped on and is not half as with GTSport.
Let's see if it has happened to someone to help me that I no longer know what to do.
Thank you
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I have a T300RS with T-LCM pedals and this happens to me sometimes too. Throttle only goes halfway, no matter how much I press it. I just unplug and plug the USB cable back into the PS5 and let it calibrate again and that fixes it every time. Seems like a hardware detection glitch or something. No idea if that's your case though. Also, updating your wheel's FW definitely won't hurt.
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