Throwing Digital Sheep Is Looking For Console Writers / Journalists

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Throwing Digital Sheep is a growing games website based in the UK covering Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

We deliver news, reviews and articles to our readership of 25,000 – 30,000 a month. We have fantastic working relationships within the games industry often being invited for press events, receiving hot off the press info and of course games to review before release. Some of you may remember us for doing the little fan interview with the Project CARS team and bringing you a bunch of exclusive PCARS material here -

This year has been our most successful yet growing our readership and community. We are beginning to turn our attention to revenue streams for the end of the year but before we do that we need to recruit fresh new talent to help us.

If you are passionate about the games industry then this is the place for you. We have openings in two of our departments.

1st Position: News Writers and Reviewers

Nintendo ( 3DS ,Wii U and General Nintendo Coverage )– positions open (4)

Playstation ( PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PSN Coverage )– positions open (3)

Xbox ( Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live Coverage)– positions open (2)

News writers are at the core of what we do. They not only publish any and all press that we receive from dev teams, publishers and pr teams they also surf popular forums, websites to find the latest news and gossip. This position is usually best for someone trying to break into the industry or start a career in journalism. It is best to say then, we are looking for the most creative of writers; Writers capable of merging news from various sources to create unique, meaty pieces garnished with their own thoughts while eliciting a response from our audience. Also note:

  • At least one news article should be put up daily. Don’t worry, our writers won’t have to be scouting for news everyday thanks to our excellent PR relations. Most of the time, they’ll be forwarded incoming PR material which they’re expected to alter and add their own thoughts too. Keep in mind though, copy-pasting and lack of originality will be looked down upon. Of course, in the absence of PR however, writers will have to use their own initiative (internet, contacts etc) to come up with the day’s news pieces.

  • Writers will be granted access to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They will be expected to link their posts /articles to our social feeds to help us reach a wider audience.

  • News Writers will simultaneously be working on their reviewing and PR skills. Each of the writers will be granted their own Throwing Digital Sheep e-mail ID, which will allow them to contact PR companies to request for review copies, based on their coverage of games.

  • Once review copies have been obtained by our writers, they are entitled to keep them for themselves provided they review them within a fixed period, and do not break any embargos put down by the publisher.

  • Applicants for the News and Reviews Writing positions should send in one original news article and a review of any game of their choice.
2nd Position: Feature Writers

Feature writers generate unique thought provoking articles that creates discussion with our readership. This can be on topics past or present but obviously we like to keep things up-to-date with trend. We like our feature writers to dig deep in any topics they tackle, involving dev teams, publishers or industry leads. The position is usually best for a veteran in the gaming industry with a wealth of knowledge and strong journalistic skill. As a feature writer,

  • One is expected to churn out at least ONE article per week. Writers are free to come up with their own topics. Moreover, our editing team will keep providing you with a weekly list of topics to keep your creative juices flowing should you run out of them.
  • At the end of the month, the writer of the best article, as decided upon by our editing team will be granted a £15 – £30 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Applicants for the Feature writing position should send in one article on any gaming related topic of choice.
All in all, we are looking for strong creative writers that have a thirst for journalism within the gaming industry. We encourage bold pieces of work.

What we offer

  • A great team to work with who share your interest and will collaborate with you on projects and help you develop in the team and in the industry.
  • Hand in hand training within the games industry, teaching you how to network with dev teams, publishers and pr.
  • Access to exclusive press parties, EXPO tickets where applicable.
  • Game Gift Vouchers in an in-house monthly competition
  • You keep any and all assets you receive (games products)
Please send all applications and/or queries to . Responses will be sent within 48 hours.

We look forward to seeing you join the herd.