Thrustmaster T300 Auto-Calibration Fails

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

A few days ago I bought the Thrustmaster T300 and on the day it arrived, my housemate and I played on it for a few hours with no issues. The following morning, I went to turn it on and the auto-calibration procedure didn't seem to finish as the steering wheel didn't centre. I left it for a few minutes and nothing happened and the wheel wasn't activated as the PS button didn't do anything. Another thing to note here is that there is an extremely high pitched beeping noise which is coming from the base, so high pitched that I doubt most older people wouldn't be able to hear it.

Following the initial auto-calibration failure, I have reattempted the calibration a number of times and haven't had any luck. I have also plugged it into my laptop and updated the firmware - still the auto-calibration procedure fails.

I have contacted Thrustmaster so that I can get a replacement as it has only been used once. However, due to the current circumstances they only seem to be contactable by email, and I'm unsure whether anyone is on the other end.

I thought I'd post in here in case anyone else has had any similar issues and either have a solution or can confirm that a replacement is definitely required.

Through looking through the other threads, the key differences I have found with my issue is that 1. the auto-calibration procedure doesn't actually complete and 2. the beeping noise coming from the base. This has made me think that a replacement will be required.

Thanks in advance for any comments.