Tiers in Gr. 1

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So every game has a sort of tier list, with some selectable character being far superior to some no matter what you do, example being in Civilization 5 with one civilization having a much easier play style and other being nearly impossible to be competitive with.

I want to ask if there’s a list out there or if we could make one. I was driving my favorite Gr. 1 car, the Audi VGT, at a Nurb lobby fully upgraded. I tried racing a 2011 R18 that was also fully upgraded, and even when hybrid didn’t throw off the track and I took clean corners, the R18 keep pulling away effortlessly. Either he was just that much better with Gr 1 (yes) or that VGT just isn’t as competitive as it feels (highly recommend trying to driving it right, it’s so much fun). So when Gr 1’s are fully upgraded for that ego inflating overall best time, I’m pretty some are far superior to others, maybe when BOP’d too. It also made me question about my choice of car, since it’s heavy as all get out and tops at 210-220 no matter what.

I’ll get the ball rolling with my picks:

Tier 1:
Porsche 919

Tier 2:
Bugatti VGT

Tier 3:
Mazda LM55 VGT