Tips on drifting on GT1?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Initial O, Nov 30, 2003.

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    Initial O

    Well, first of all, i know that there's a driftin forum, but that's under the GT3 forum and im sure that there are quite a few differences between 1 and 3 so i thought i'd post it here. If this is in the wrong place, then i wont object to movin it.

    Anyway, my bro has taken the PS2 to university, so i cant play on it and im left with Gran Turismo on PSone (with a crummy d-pad controller that doesnt even work that good :indiff: Should be gettin another anologue controller tho) . I'm currently trying to learn to drift on it in the quick arcade mode (i cant really play gran turismo mode coz im not really arsed to and its all in japanese so i wont know what the parts do and im not exactly a car fanatic :boggled: ), but im havin a bit o trouble so i was wonderin if u guys could help me.

    1. I'm using the Nissan GT-R right now, is there a better car to learn how to drift (in quick arcade)?
    2. Right now, i can kinda drift, but i cant actually get my car to turn sideways into the turn - any tips on how to turn sideways?
    3. Which brake do i (or do u) actually use to drift - Square or circle

    Cheers :O