Tire width, spring rates, and gearbox regulations

New Brunswick
3 things I would like to see added to the game are

1: tire width options to beable to match front tire widths to rear tires and also upgrade tire width on older or smaller cars. Some cars like midengined or high HP cars have very large rear tires and much smaller one up front, would be nice to run a closer to square setup on these cars for racing because they tend to understeer which us good for a consumer vehicle for safety but ob the track just makes the car feel to stable and unresponsive. Also the ability to set a standard tire size for online lobbies. possibly based off of car weight and the option to runa square tire setup if you want to.

2: Spring rates in GT Sport were to limited for some cars. Example: the MR2 GTS had a max spring of 2.30 2.30, this worked great for sport tires but when changed over to race tires the car would excessively pitch and roll unsettling the car. this is a big problem with alot of light weight mid or rear engine cars. If we can put racing tires on a car give use racing hardware to support the grip level. Would be good to removed the spring rate limit altogether or make the nax much much higher.

3: Gear box regulations: limited minimum and top speed ranges or stock transmission only as an option for online lobbies.
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