Toyota S-FReality

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I saw a video about this rumour last week or a couple weeks ago.

If it's for real I'm gone have a hard look. Thing is, I've been using the Concept car in GT7 for the past month. Using it before this resurfaced buzz news and making a few posts about it recently. The coolest thing I love about it other than pretty much the whole car are the USB ports for the sound system.

I've been wanting any car maker to just build in the speakers and let me just use my phone or a USB stick to Play my music without a head unit. I personally don't use the radio at all. Today's phones do all this anyway. For a car like this it would also keep the weight down if every gram counts. Seriously hope this car becomes a reality.
I was excited by the news about this potentially going into production, but I'm even more excited by the news of a new Starlet. Damn it Toyota, build it and make sure you sell it in the UK.
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If any of these are true just hope they can bring back the affordable versions(under $25000AUD).

Just as to a why under $25000AUD, Hyundai had given up on pricing cars under $20000AUD as the small car market dwindled. Would a base model Starlet and/or S-FR be viable? I don't know. Their GR models are selling well. However, personally, I'd like to see a revitalised base small car market. I think Toyota could do so with these cars.
In Australia, 86/BRZ and Mustang are doing well. For how long? I don't know. Those cars aren't big multiple people movers. The possible S-FR and Starlet models could be in that class of fun over transporting multiple people. Their small packages just might be the cars to revitalise that enthusiasm. The GR Yaris sure has. Not to mention Fiat 500 and not-so-MINI are still selling well.

I'm not fully hyped until there's confirmation though. Of course.
I’m loving this new era of Toyota rn
Cars for people who love driving, but aren’t completely unobtainable to the average person
Work hard and get that promotion and you can easily afford a GR Yaris
Just another quick point about that affordability. In the article below, Roland Dane brings up good points at Motorsport here in Australia.

There aren’t many choices outside of the Excel that give more bang for the grassroots motorsports bucks. Sure, not all buyers are going to race the cars, but having such choices as a base model for the possible S-FR and Starlet are how many of these entry level motorsports got their starts, as well as factors in custom car culture. I’ve had my eye on such an entry level car since it debuted and a person in the comments actually mentions it:
Bring on the Picanto Cup!


Major problem with any of the modern choices here are the low number of manual models. If Toyota can keep that enthusiasm for the manual alive and the price lower than GR versions, that can help potential racers with more options.

Adding to this post because I thought I hit the post reply button yesterday.
In regards to price, a bit more rumoured info.
Under $30000 would be good enough. I hope nothing close to $45000.
If it's meant to genuinely compete with the Miata it's going to have to offer a nice interior experience. The US-spec Miata is a lovely car to sit in. The GR86 feels pretty bargain basement comparatively. That said, I think the GR86 and possible family are going to move upmarket while the S-FR will take its place.
Just a small bit of the partnering to hopefully make it happen. Possible Cappuccino model and expected weight(1100kg) and theoretical price($33,500).

If it were to make it to Australia, would be an good alternative to the Mx-5. Plus any other used sporting coupe and convertible. Can't get certain used small sports cars for that price. With MR2, MX-5, E30, owners still asking north of $30,000, it's slim pickings to find those for what I feel would be more reasonable prices.
Might as well buy a new car.
I like the return of these rumors; was thinking this concept disappeared after several years of silence.

Not holding my breath but still keeping an eye out...
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