TPC GT3 Monthly Endurance Events - (Exhibition) Race 6 - Suzuka 90mins - 2nd December - reserve spaces available

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

TPC 2023 GT3 Endurance Events
10pm UK / 5pm Eastern

1 Hour to 2 Hour Endurance Races
Time of Day Transitions
Dynamic Weather
Tyre & Fuel Strategy
Custom BOP​

These races have been inspired by real life races past and present.

1. RedBull Ring 90 mins – 24th June
Race simulation -- 1pm to 4pm (time x2)
Race Multipliers – Fuel x3 / Tyres x2
Weather Forecast – Starting fully wet with declining rain showers.

2. Bathurst 90 mins – 22nd July
Race Simulation – 5am to Sunrise (time x1)
Race Multipliers – Fuel x4 / Tyres x4
Weather Forecast – Clear and Dry

3. Le Mans 2 Hours – 12th Aug – (No qualifying, grid to be reverse championship order)
Race Simulation – 2pm to 2pm (time x12)
Race Multipliers – Fuel x3 / Tyres x1
Weather Forecast – Overcast into rain into sunshine.

4. Nurb 24hr 60 mins – 23rd Sept – (Extended qualifying)
Race Simulation – Night time race stint (time x1)
Race Multipliers – Fuel x2 / Tyres x1 (tbc)
Weather Forecast – Random

5. Atlanta 90 mins – 21st October
Race Simulation – Midday to Sunset (time x7)
Race Multipliers – Fuel x3 / Tyres x2
Weather Forecast – Sunshine and clouds

6. Suzuka 90 mins - 2nd December
Race Simulation - 10am - 8pm (time x6 Tbc)
Race Multipliers - Fuel x3 / Tyres x2
Weather Forecast - Starting Dry with increasing chance of rain.
  • Friends only.
  • Grid Order: Fastest First.
  • Start: Rolling Start
  • Boost: Off
  • Slipstream Strength: Real
  • Visible Damage: On
  • Mechanical Damage: Heavy
  • Tyres: Racing Medium / Intermediate / Wet
  • Initial Fuel: 100%
  • Grip Reduction: Real
  • Race Finish Delay: 120 Seconds
  • Tuning: Prohibited
  • BOP: Custom BOP
  • Ghost: Off
  • Flag rules: ON
  • Penalties: Off
  • Side Contact Penalty: Off
  • Assists: CSA, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited
  • Refuelling rate: x3
  • Qualifying settings:
  • 5 minutes
  • Tyres: Same as Race Settings
  • Fuel: Same as Race Settings
  • Initail Fuel: As low as reasonably practical.
ECU Adjustment
AMG GT3 ‘20
2 of 2​
R8 Evo
2 of 2​
V12 Vantage
2 of 2​
M6 Endurance GT3
0 of 2​
Corvette C7
1 of 2​
Viper GT3-R
0 of 2​
458 GT3
1 of 2​
Ford GT LM ‘18
0 of 2​
Honda NSX GT3
2 of 2​
Huracan GT3
1 of 2​
0 of 2​
650s GT3
2 of 2​
Nissan GTR ‘18
1 of 2​
911 RSR
2 of 2​
Please note;
  • Power restrictor is not to be used.
  • Ballast must be left in the neutral position.
  • Brake Bias is allowed
  • Vehicle settings must be left standard.
For those sticking around and interested in some friendly competition;
25, 20, 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Drivers’ points will be scored for finishing position.
Constructors’ points will be scored for the finishing position of both cars.
Changing Cars will forfeit all Driver points up to that point.
Stock Liveries are Prohibited
Liveries must not break GT7/Sony terms of service.
Racing numbers must be clearly visible on both sides of the car.
TPC Number boards created by @Adam Barber if you wish to use them:

  • Everyone participating agrees to take part honestly and to self police themselves on the rules below
  • Heavy damage is on, clean racing is a must for everyone and please if a mistake is made, give the position or time gained back.
  • Lapped cars are not responsible for letting by faster cars. Please hold the racing line and allow faster cars to make a safe, clean pass.
  • When exiting pit lane, please do not cross the white line.
  • Please obey yellow flags, drive with added caution and no overtaking allowed.
  • Please keep 2 wheels on circuit at all times. Circuit Curbing is included as the track surface.
  • In the unlikely event you feel that a driver has not been driving honestly. After the race you may report that driver privately to myself for consistently breaking any of the above rules. The Penalty, if required, will be a drive through (stop & go) time penalty added to the race finish result.
Procedure to be confirmed.
The Race will start using the In Game Rolling Start.
1 warm up lap will be completed from this point.
The lead car will set the pace at approximately 120kph/75mph.
Into the final sector cars will line up in pairs behind the leader.
The lead car can start the race at any point between the final corner and the start/finish line.
Procedure to be confirmed.
In the event of heavy damage, drivers will be able to request a “safety car” using in game text chat. From this moment no overtaking is allowed and the lead car will slow down to approximately 120kph/75mph and drivers will que behind in order. This may take some time depending on how the race is progressing but the lead car will complete the lap it is on and then 1 more full lap only at those Safety Car speeds. Drivers must stay behind the car ahead, the race will restart in single file. The leader will then be able to restart the race upon completing the Safety Car lap and the race will continue as normal.
Please Note:
  • Type “Safety Car” into the in game chat to start the safety car procedure.
  • If someone makes an error during the Safety Car (ie, they don't follow the procedure), please complete the procedure as required. Hopefully they will realise their mistake and correct it or I will penalise the error post race as necessary.
  • Lapped cars may unlap themselves during the Safety Car, please do this cautiously and at a reduced pace.
  • Damaged cars are not allowed to skip ahead to pit for damage, you must maintain your position in the queue until you can access the pit entrance.
  • You may pit during the safety car procedure. If you do not pit and take the lead position, you are now acting as the safety car as described above.
  • Heavy vehicle damage is classified as suspension and engine damage. Bumper/bodywork damage does not require a safety car. Calling a Safety Car when it is not required will invoke a post race penalty.
  • If Heavy vehicle damage occurs during the safety car, you may call another safety car. The procedure will effectively restart and another full lap at the reduced pace will be required.

You can commit to as many or as few events as you like. From Event 2 onwards priority will be given based on participation of previous events.

If you'd like to enter, please comment
GTP Name: Kermit_2142
PSN Name: Kermit_2142
Race Number: 69
Car Choice: Lexus
Events: 1-5

If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time.
Finally, this series is for fun, enjoy the racing!!​
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Driver Roster - 16 (reserves 11)
GTP Name: Kermit_2142
PSN Name: Kermit_2142
Race Number: 69
Car Choice: Lexus
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: Pigems
PSN Name: Pigemz
Race Number: 420
Car Choice: 458 GT3
Events: 1-5

GTP name: TPC_DarkCobra47
PSN name: DarkCobraUSMC
Race number: 47
Car Choice: 458 Gr3. (first choice, don't want to lose it before testing other cars... Hahaha)
Races: 1-5

GTP Name: Michelin Man
PSN Name: TheSweeney_
Race Number: 11
Car Choice: Ford GT LM 18’
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: Adam Barber
PSN Name: TPC_ABarber95
Race Number: 95
Car Choice: AMG GT3
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: Kuraudo
PSN Name: Dexter_HUN
Race Number: #61
Car Choice: Honda NSX Gr3
Events: 1-5

Race Number: 911
Car Choice: Porsche 911 RSR (991) '17
Events: 1-5

GTP: RacingGrandpa
PSN: Resident_Knievel
Race Number: #74
Car Choice: Corvette
Races: 1, 3-5

GTP: MaxAttack
PSN: MaxAttack
Race Number: 83
Car Choice: AMG
Races: 1-5

GTP Name: Drex124
PSN Name: Drex125
Race Number: #48
Car Choice: Ford GT LM
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: Chevy Heavy
PSN Name: Chevy_Heavy
Race Number: 3
Car Choice: M6 Endurance
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: GT5Apex
PSN Name: Sunshineonleith
Race Number: 93
Car Choice: Audi R8 Evo
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: The359
PSN Name: The359
Race Number: 17
Car Choice: Dodge Viper GT3-R
Events: 2-5

GTP Name: OJBrit
PSN Name: OJBrit
Race Number: 6
Car Choice: V12 Vantage
Events: 1-5

GTP Name:
PSN Name: DarkSideNet
Race Number: 13
Car Choice: Nissan GTR
Events: 1-5

GTP Name: kungtotte_
PSN Name: TPC_kungtotte
Race number: 22
Car Choice: V12 Vantage
Events: 1-5

GTP Name:
PSN Name: Desert_Penguin
Race Number: 9
Car Choice: preferably amg

GTP Name: Spider-Racer
PSN Name: Spider-Racer-
Race Number: 13
Car Choice: whatever is available unless it's a Ferrari. Preference for Macca.
Events: 1-3

GTP Name: bloodyboyblue
PSN Name: bloodyboyblue
Race Number: 25
Car Choice: Lexus
Events: ?

GTP name: TPC_Toro (timm sheehan)
PSN name: tmsheehan
Race number: 92
Car Choice: Corvette
Races: 1-5

GTP Name: Philtaylor17
PSN Name: Stitch_17
Race Number: 19
Car Choice: anything that's left
Events: 2-4 ( reserve )

GTP name:Cherryturbo
PSN name: Cranwick
Race number: 65
Car Choice: Huracan
Races: 1-5

GTP Name: Racerx34
PSN Name: Racerx_34
Race Number: 34
Car Choice: 911 RSR
Events: 1

GTP name: harrison1476
PSN name: HarrisonMV1Ford
Race number: 25 (or whatever available)
Car Choice: Porsche
Races: 2 (Bathurst reserve)

GTP Name: Spinerkopin
PSN Name: spiner-kopin
Race Number: 20
Car Choice: AMG or 650s
Events: Bathurst

GTP Name: Xradkins
PSN Name: Xrad-11
Race Number: 12( or whatever)
Car Choice: Corvette C7
Events: the rest from here on.

GTP Name: The_Tullster
PSN Name: TPC_Fudsy
Race Number: 27
Car Choice: Porsche (if available)
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Event Results & Championship Standings



Pole Position: MaxAttack - Mercedes AMG
Driver of the day: Sunshineonleith - Audi R8 - A great drive by Sunshine, who was one of the drivers caught out on mediums during the mid race rain shower but kept their composure to fight back up to 3rd place.
Incidents Report: DarkCobra reported himself for a collision with Darksidenet. I have taken no action and declared this a racing incident. Both drivers leave each other room at turn 1 where Darksidenet touches the wet outside curb. This coupled with poor net code means the drivers have a more awkward collision than they would have had normally.


Pole Position: Stitch_17
Driver of the day: GOTMAXPOWER - Porsche 911 - I don't think anyone was beating GMP this race. They were consistently fighting for the lead and showed great race craft throughout the race.
Incidents Report: 1. Due to a couple last minute drop outs I didn't realise we had 3 Porsches on the grid. Only the top 2 Porsches have been scored for the constructors championship.
2. Stitch_17 - lap 26 - calling incorrect safety car - Driver through (stop and go) penalty - 18s added to the finishing results.
3. MaxAttack - lap 26 - collision with Fudsy - Racing Incident - There were a large group of cars battling into the chase this lap causing them to be overly slow. Fudsy took appropriate action and braked early, however Max wasn't able to see the traffic ahead being so slow and crashed into the back of Fudsy causing a knock on effect. Due to the speed on approach and lack of reaction time I have decided a warning is appropriate. Max was not late to slow down nor was he attempting an ambitious overtake, just an unfortunate turn of events at the fastest part of the circuit. Ideally Max would’ve taken avoiding action but this is easy to say in hindsight.


Pole Position: n/a
Driver of the day: The359 - A great come back drive from The359 who crashed early on but fought back to take a well earned win against a fuel saving GOTMAXPOWER.
Incident Report: 1. TPC_ABarber95 reported himself for a collision with DarkSideNet. I have taken no action and declared this a racing incident. Both drivers are battling hard into turn 1 where Abarber makes a move on the inside. He leaves room to the outside and has the move completed early but is slow on the apex trying to maintain a line for turn 2. DarkSideNet comes in with more apex speed and collides with ABarbers’ rear quarter.


Pole Position : GOTMAXPOWER
Driver of the day: GOTMAXPOWER - A clean sweep for GMP even with the tricky conditions.
Incident Report: 1. Drex125 reported himself for a collision with TPC_ABarber95 on the final lap. Drex has been deemed to be at fault and given a 1 position penalty. Coming into the final corners of the race, Drex loses control under braking and leaves the circuit. Upon rejoining ABarber is trying to take advantage of the mistake made by Drex to gain a position but unfortunately Drex collides with ABarber causing him to crash and effectively lose the position they would have gained.


Pole Position: SpinerKopin
Driver of the day: Drex125 who narrowly missed out on a podium spot. Notable mentions to Chevy_Heavy drove an incredible race fighting through the field and TPC_Fudsy who had a great result with p8.
Incident Report: TPC_ABarber95 reported himself for an incident with Chevy_Heavy on lap 60. I've put this down as a racing incident with no action taken. Neither driver does anything untoward but both seem to suffer the affects of a really bad net code collision. Sadly Chevy comes off worse due to being on the outside.
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This looks amazing, what a well planned event 👏. Unfortunately I have some classes during Saturdays that clash with most of the series.
If I can, I'd like to sign up as reserve for rounds 1 to 3

GTP Name: Spider-Racer
PSN Name: Spider-Racer-
Race Number: 13
Car Choice: whatever is available unless it's a Ferrari. Preference for Macca.
Events: 1-3