TPC GT3 Monthly Endurance Events - (Exhibition) Race 6 - Suzuka 90mins - 2nd December - reserve spaces available

Thanks for the fun and chaotic race.
Hi All,

Apologies for my snail pace at updating the results for Nurb GP. I've been battling a busy schedule and a bit of man flu recently.

The constructors fight could go anyway at Atlanta, its going to be tense!

Anyone practicing for Road Atlanta I would advise practicing with track limit penalties on as I don't want people overly cutting or extending through turns 1-5.

The Safety Car will be returning for Atlanta too :D.
I was thinking in the practice I've been doing that x7 was a bit quick 🤣
I think I’d calculated that x7 would’ve given us a realistic time change for the petite Le Mans but I had forgotten to check it’s affect in real terms.
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Race Day Notice and Driver Entry List

DriverCar NumberManufacturer
OJBrit6Aston Martin
TPC_Kungtotte22Aston Martin

Hi all,

The final round is here, and it’s going to be a blast! A culmination of all the races we’ve had so far which should encompass everything other than rain.

Just a few things to note specifically for Atlanta:

  • The Safety Car Procedure is active again for this race. Please remember you can only request a safety car if you have engine or suspension damage.
  • Qualifying will be 5 minutes (no safety car)
  • The usual track limits apply. Ref for turns 3 and 5 can be found here-
  • The escape road/alternate layout at turn 3 can be taken if needed. Please be very very slow through there to rejoin safely and also to lower the risk of the game resetting you back to turn 1.
  • The pit entry and exits are tricky to negotiate. Please do your best to obey the lines and watch out for the walls.
  • A reminder that if you are a lap down during the Safety Car Procedure you can unlap yourself. Please do this cautiously and try your best to make it obvious to others your intentions.
  • For the formation lap, we will pair up before the chicane 10a/b and the leader can go anytime out of the final corner.
  • Safety car restarts will be single file as normal.
  • IMG_8264.jpeg

I think that about covers it. Good luck and I hope everyone has a great race 🍻
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