TPC Pop-Up Special Event- The King of Japan | Japanese N300 Cars | 2nd May | Sign-ups OPEN

I have opened a Training Lobby. Will drive Yamagiwa+Miyabi II for the next half hour, than I'll do Yamagiwa II until the offical lobby opens in 45 min. Lobby is friends only, sent me a request if you wanna join =) I'll post it in the PSN chat as well
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OH boi, what a disappointment with the connection. Well, it looked during practice like it would have been a fun race ^^ Have fun!
Same here. My router gave up today and I could not get into AfraidRacer’s lobby on my phone’s hotspot. Oh well....
Shame you had to back out. Hopefully things are better next time.

That was a lot of fun. Favourite moment has to be three wide into the chicane on Miyabi.

Grid ready for Race 2.

Oh man this is what racing is about. Constant pressure from @0604. I don't know how I kept it on track apart from a small wall scrape out of 135R. Well done that was a good race.
Road car events are great entertainment all-round, as past TPC events have shown.

Had some fantastic racing, especially a near race-long battle with @Rods in race 1. I did get really lucky in the end, as that was really unfortunate what happened going into the final corner there. Was going to be difficult to get by otherwise, brilliant racing with you. Though fair play in race 2, you checked-out in that one. My connection was a bit sketchy at times, so I apologise if I appeared jumpy at any point.

There was also a nice early battle between myself and @Pigems in the 2nd race too, so fair play to all involved. And cheers @AfraidRacer for organising, very enjoyable event :cheers:.


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That was such a cool battle, @Michelin Man!

Race 1 was a blast, with some great moves - you passed me round the outside of Turn 1 twice, I had a "double switchback" into the back S - and its great to have such a clean race while often going 2-wide through that tiny circuit. So much fun.

I lost the car in the last corner, but I had set up my differential (intentionally) in a way that made the car super spiky, so it was only fair. As the opening song of your profile picture album would say "it was not meant to be" ;).

Had a great time and I hope to see you soon in the Pagani race around Catalunya or other events.
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Thank you @AfraidRacer for an outstanding race! I had a great time.

I didn't get anywhere near the results I was anticipating considering all the practice I put in for it but never the less it was a blast running the Supra around these tracks.

I posted the replays if anyone is interested. Look for tags tpc or koj. Title of each is King of Japan Lobby.

I look forward to our next race!