TPC Presents: Alfa Romeo 4C Challenge - 20th March

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Fun couple of races last night. Great car/track combo.

I only got one decent lap down in qually. And I’m sorry for messing up @Pigems first run. I couldn’t ghost myself quick enough.

Race 1 - after my over enthusiastic start on the parade lap, and trying to keep it clean into T1, I made a move stick on @GT5Apex a few corners later. And that was the start of a battle that lasted for the remainder of the race. I was ahead, by 2 seconds max, for most of the first stint, but he got past me before the pit stops and nearly pulled out the same amount. However, he made a mistake at the last corner on lap 16 or 17, so I dived into the pits for an undercut. I proper floored it and we were side by side as he came out of the pits, but as my tyres were warmer I knew I had a good chance into T1. I was in front again! Pretty sure the gap didn’t go much above a second until the end! Excellent racing!

Race 2 - I can’t remember this one so well, other than @Adam Barber doing some great defensive driving, which forced an error from me into T1and I was in the sand, so lost a couple of places. Caught back up again, and @Adam Barber made an error at the last turn. On the line, he just pipped me to the position.