TPC Presents: Audi R8 LMS Cup with Hankook. R5: 18th December - Autodromo de Interlagos *Spots full*

United Kingdom
Derby, UK
In order to speed things up instead of qualifying the grid will be set by reverse championship order so once in lobby can people "enter" the track.

edit: they'll also be an extra 5 minutes warm up since there's no quali
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Thanks for hosting and for accepting me on the grid @Adam Barber . I did my best to avoid incidents for the race director to investigate later!

Overtook some people that were out of the black stuff until eventually I found myself in P6, pretty far from everyone else LOL. Managed to keep that little demon spawn on track at all times, so I’m happy with that!
See you all on track soon 👍
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Well that’s the season over, and what a great season it has been.

Thanks to @Adam Barber for hosting, it’s been a great series and a great format. :cheers:

Congratulations to @Spinerkopin on well deserved 2nd (I think 2nd) championship retaining the number 1 plate. Handled that 5% like a boss all season and still came away with the most points and wins. Congrats to @The359 on second place, a really good challenge for the title and you certainly managed to pull some serious pace out of the r8 at times. Congrats to @GOTMAXPOWER for the bronze medal, as usual showing us how it’s done with little practice just to troll us as much as possible.
(Hoping for a r8 compilation video ;)).
Congrats to the Am winner, not sure who it is yet but its a real close finish whichever way it goes.

Thanks everyone for the great racing, as always it’s been a pleasure to bash doors with you guys and enjoy the thrills and spills as the season rolled on.

That’s me pretty much done on GTS now in terms of “serious” racing.
If I don’t see you in any casual races that pop up between now and March I’ll see you in GT7!!!!!

Some shots from yesterday


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