TPC Presents: Formula E Double Header! | 14th August | Red Bull X2014 Junior | POSTPONED

TPC Formula E Double Header - Alsace + Tokyo


The all-electric racing series comes to GT Sport, with the Red Bull X2014 Junior!
Timings: 21:00 GMT/17:00 EST

20:30 GMT: Lobby opens
21:00 GMT: Qualifying 1: Alsace - Village(5 Minutes)
21:05 GMT: Race 1: Alsace - Village(15 Minutes)
21:25 GMT: Qualifying 2: Tokyo South Inner Loop(5 Minutes)
21:30 GMT: Race 2: Tokyo South Inner Loop(15 Minutes)
The Red Bull X2014 Junior will be the car used for this event.
BOP for Qualifying: 136/109
BOP for Race: 121/109
Use of the stock liveries are not allowed, Formula E replica/inspired liveries will be encouraged.
No hentai/political liveries, or foul language.
Pole: 3pts
2nd: 1pt

1st: 25pts
2nd: 18pts
3rd: 15pts
4th: 12pts
5th: 10pts
6th: 8pts
7th: 6pts
8th: 4pts
9th: 2pts
10th: 1pt
Fastest Lap: 1pt

The driver with the most points at the end of both events will be the overall winner.
Mandatory Tires: Racing Hards
Tire Wear: x1
Fuel Consumption: x4
Qualifying: 5 minutes
Boost: Off
Start Type: Grid Start
Balance of Performance: Off
Grid Order: Set By Host
Slipstream Strength: Weak
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 90 Seconds
Tuning: Off
Ghosting: None
Track Limits Penalties: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Assists: Counter-steering Assistance, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited.
We expect you to drive cleanly and avoid contact.
Please clear your cache before joining the lobby. If anyone is stuck on the grid, the race will be restarted once.
Please follow the guidelines as specified here:
In case of a tie, finishing positions will be used as a tiebreaker.
Please make sure to change your power levels between qualifying and race, there is a special qualifying engine mode available.
Car No:

@Pigems, @05XR8, @250Cal, @6BK, @Adam Barber, @AfraidRacer, @Ashthebash, @bdubclub, @Chevy Heavy, @CurbHog, @Dairyworker, @DarkSideNet, @Deadpool, @DelboyD, @dlshearon, @Drex124, @El_Beardo, @fastone371, @FloridaFanGT, @golfer07840, @GOTMAXPOWER, @Graham Cundy, @Granadier, @Groundfish, @GT5Apex, @GTP_Guido, @GTWolverine, @HammyMansell, @HaydenFan69, @Jason885, @JEverettL, @Jwptexas, @K1LLD0z3R, @Kermit_2142, @kevinddr, @Kevstah2004, @Killkennyxc4, @KosmoKazi, @kungtotte_, @Kuraudo, @Leftcurl, @LeightonAVS, @MaxAttack, @Michelin Man, @Mistah_MCA, @mohitraina91, @Natalie_GT, @nosoks, @NosOsH, @NoStopN, @O604, @Oshawa-Joe, @PaoloMX, @Philtaylor17, @PirovacBoy, @Qyn, @R_Goldstreiff, @RacingGrandpa, @Redneckchef, @roamingbard13, @RZQSPEED, @Satomiblood, @Sian, @Stencedaddy, @sturk0167, @Supergtp, @suprajef, @Sven Jurgens, @Tea_Leaves, @The_Tullster, @Timm Sheehan, @ToddSalad, @Trone_Colby, @TurboTacho, @viper al, @VulcanSpirit, @watto79, @Winnie847, @x5abotagex86, @stpatty, @RX8 Racer, @KiepeYai, @Rods, @whiteusagi, @FaustoAriz, @Jomas, @The359, @F1Bernardo, @RACECAR, @Racerx_34

Entry List:
1)AfraidRacer - AfraidRacer - 7
2)DelboyD - DelboyD - 5
3)Kermit_2142 - Kermit_2142
4)tmsheehan - tmsheehan - 921
5)O604 - Kaizen-Teian - 64
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United States
Bedford, Indiana
@AfraidRacer - Let me try and see how it goes around these tracks. I have practiced alot lately on Brands Hatch with the JR for @OJBrit 's now cancelled event. Can you put me on the reserve list?

GTP: tmsheehan
PSN: tmsheehan
Car No: 921
I received one of those Tycans on the freebee wheel but have 0 miles on it. Is it a fun car to race?
Not so much. No gears. Noise is weird. Heavy.

But that specific race was fun. Part of a series/all the races were fun. I'd rate it about average for a one-make race.
Entry list updated. Should be a fun race, Alsace and Tokyo are street circuits but have a ton of downforce corners.
United States
Bedford, Indiana
Alsace - Village feels really good but Tokyo South Inner Loop feel really sketchy with the rear end sliding around alot. This should be fun.