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Welcome to GTPlanet's Trading Post! This forum allows GTPlanet users to buy, sell, and trade with each other. The service is free to all members who may post as many different items for sale (or "want to buy") as they like.

All that we ask is for you to follow these few simple rules:
  • Post each item you are selling in its own thread, but do not re-list an item that does not sell.
  • When posting your thread, please select the correct prefix which indicates whether your item is "For Sale", "Trade", or if it's something you "Want To Buy".
  • Once your item has sold, please update your thread with the "Sold" prefix.
  • "Feelers", or interest checks, are not allowed. Do not post an item unless you plan on selling it.
  • Any items which are deemed illegal in the United States or violate the GTPlanet Acceptable Use Policy will be removed and the user will receive a warning which could count toward banishment.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible about the item you are selling and the way you want to complete the transaction (payment, shipping methods, etc.).
  • You are welcome to post links to eBay.
  • You may "bump" a specific thread only 2 times in total, so use those bumps sparingly.
  • The moderators and administrative staff reserve the right to remove or delete any posted offer for any reason.
  • No "commercial" postings or offers, as deemed by the moderation staff, are permitted. This forum is intended for use by private individual sellers only. If you would like to post a sponsored thread, please contact us to become a Site Sponsor.
Of course, we also strongly encourage you to follow safe buying practices, and only use online payment services such as PayPal and only sending payments to verified addresses and accounts.

With that said, it is also very important to remember that GTPlanet assumes absolutely NO responsibility for any transactions. GTPlanet will not perform any investigations into accusations of fraud or misleading item descriptions. Buy and sell at your own risk.
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