TTWRS Week 4 Results

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Week 4 Results


Was a tough race this week but it felt good getting that lap you wanted. Congrats to the podium guys, especially -Stormryder- who puts in a Div 1 worthy lap to win Div2 and Tailslide who blew away the D3 competition.

Division 1 :
  1. 1'44.654 - Iceman
  2. 1'44.706 - 750F-RM
  3. 1.45.613 - Sideways_Skinny
Division 2 :
  1. 1'44.962 - -Stormryder-(Verified 👍)
  2. 1'45.602 - jake73
  3. 1'46.349 - Tomf4io3
  4. 1'46.824 - [empty space]
Division 3 :
  1. 1'47.504 - Tailslide (Verified 👍)
  2. 1'50.817 - SuperT
  3. 1'51.814 - Ballstothewall

Times in red need to post their replays within 1 week of this post.


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Here's my replay:

Up to T2 it was by far the fastest lap I had done, but I left a lot in the last sector.


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Looks like it mate!

To be honest, I didn't touch this after the first two days, had a JGTC commitment to fullfill and the WRS too which was fun also, and pool, and meetings, and etc.

So my lap's from Wednesday I think.

But no ditracting from the performances of all who entered, and endured the mountain! 👍 👍
Well done all!

Damn! missed the deadline. I thought it was today. I had a rubbish time anyway. Only 1'49'045. My setting and lines must have been way off cause i didn't think i could do more than 1'47" at best.
Very tricky track on a bike, I had a better time but backed out of the session without saving when I was trying other bikes :) Hopefully this week I will have more time to play, been working 6 day weeks :(
Congrats to all those riders who entered this week. It was a tough challenge this week and I think bike setup was probably a deciding factor. I've had computer problems this week but I'm hopefully back up and running now. I'll download and take a look at 750's blast around the circuit wishing I was half as good. :banghead:
Here's my replay of my lap, enjoy. 👍


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sorry for missing the week guys... i went to moto gp at laguna.. and it was fuc... amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll be back next round.


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Stormryder's lap has been verified by me, now all thats left is a verification of my lap.