TTWRS Week 6: A Blast From the Past

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Week 6 : Honda CB750-F @ Infineon Raceway


Game mode :
Arcade Mode/ Time Trial (Hotlap) / Infineon Raceway (Standard)

Bike specifications :
Honda 750-F '81
  • Power +20%
  • Weight -10%
  • Tires: Street
  • Driving Mode: Driver's Option
  • Failure Conditions: Off
Race rules :
  • 1 wheel on track at all time ;
  • rumble strips and all colored areas of pavement/rumble strips are considered part of the track ;
  • no contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible ;
  • if you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty ;
  • no hybrids ;
  • no cheating of any kind ;
  • nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules ;
  • save your replay ('save best lap' icon).
Thread rules :
The following info cannot be discussed in the thread (they can however be discussed on chats or by other means) :
  • lap time ;
  • any information which can be used to infer lap time.
Submission :
All submissions must be sent to me by PM (Iceman).
  • you can submit only once per race ;
  • please include in your submission PM your division, name and time(s) ;
  • deadline is tuesday 8th August 8 P.M. GMT
Time verification :
Save your replay and keep it at least a full week after the time has been submitted.
  • fastest times each week will be required to submit with verification ;
  • any submitted time is subject to a time verification request ;
  • when a time verification has been required, the concerned racer must provide a replay before next race deadline ;
  • failure to do so will result in the submitted time to be removed for the WRS results and/or GTPlanet Times Database ;
  • video replays are not accepted, .DAT replays via USB drive ARE accepted and are encouraged
Really having to get down on this one! Having to crouch in on a lot of corners to keep the bike in the road! Good fun though, actually find this more fun with the bike at stock weight/power :)

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Yeah, the changes to the track are a little disconcerting, but it works.
The TT track I have the most problems with is Suzuka, the final chicane is completely blind, 20 yds further away than the car track and WAY too tight!
This one's not too bad, but if memory serves, the real bike track at Sears point has a complex after what in TT is the final hairpin.............could be wrong, it could be just another variant.

Gonna have a good go this week, sorry for the absence of a submission last week guys but winning the hour long GT300 race in the JGTC had to take priority.......:cool:

the chicane here is much better the final chicane at suzuka because you can see it, you just dont arrvive on top of it blindly. its also wider and not slightly down hill.
sorry bout that. i didnt realize the stock car course wasnt in TT. thats awesome that they put the bike chicane in. shouldve shortened the beginning to the front straight too...
Just had my first lap then, here are my splits :) im quite impressed as this was my first ever lap and first ever go on this bike.

T1 - 23.17
T2 - 1'09.6

EDIT: NOOOOO just had a 1'08.4 but fluffed it up at the chicane :(

EDIT2: woo new clean lap splits:

T1 - 22.7
T2 - 1'08.111

EDIT3: "Tires: Street" ahh, thats why my splits were so good :( best put the street tyres on :( i should really read everything before i jump into it. ah well, best get used to theese new tyres.
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i've switched to semi-pro handling for this one, so i can tuck/untuck when it suits best. pushed
a bit, and was rewarded with splits of 22.706 and 1:08.516

Damn i thought i was going well :P good time! 👍 i've managed to get a T2 of 1:08.6 but i didnt beat my best time, i'm not a lover of the last corner.
T1 23:019 - T2 1:09:452

Getting there slowly but did have a very good last sector :D

Got a New Move It's Called the Exhaust turn :lol: Who needs knee sliders :)
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ello all :) my splits now stand at 22.667 and 1:08.367. had a better last sector, so the gain on
my lap time was 0.8 i had a few bites at the downhill left mid lap, and wasn't very good through
the last turn, so hopefully i can gain some more yet


pic is in the first of the two uphill right handers in T1 :D
Well, i figured out what my laptimes are missing...1st person camera, sadly my head just can't take the rotation on corners and i am forced to either play 3rd person or go throw up after a couple laps in 1st :(