TTWRS Week 7: Ninja In The Forest

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Week 7: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R RM @ Deep Forest


Game mode :
Toursist Trophy Mode/ Practice (Hotlap) / Deep Forest (Forward)

Bike specifications :
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R RM
  • ALL settings may be adjusted
  • Tires: Any Racing Tires
  • Performance Exhaust: Driver's Option
  • Driving Mode: Driver's Option
  • Failure Conditions: Off
Race rules :
  • 1 wheel on track at all time ;
  • rumble strips and all colored areas of pavement/rumble strips are considered part of the track ;
  • no contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible ;
  • if you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty ;
  • no hybrids ;
  • no cheating of any kind ;
  • nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules ;
  • save your replay ('save best lap' icon).
Thread rules :
The following info cannot be discussed in the thread (they can however be discussed on chats or by other means) :
  • lap time ;
  • any information which can be used to infer lap time.
Submission :
All submissions must be sent to me by PM (Iceman).
  • you can submit only once per race ;
  • please include in your submission PM your division, name and time(s) ;
  • deadline is tuesday 15th August 8 P.M. GMT
Time verification :
Save your replay and keep it at least a full week after the time has been submitted.
  • fastest times each week will be required to submit with verification ;
  • any submitted time is subject to a time verification request ;
  • when a time verification has been required, the concerned racer must provide a replay before next race deadline ;
  • failure to do so will result in the submitted time to be removed for the WRS results and/or GTPlanet Times Database ;
  • video replays are not accepted, .DAT replays via USB drive ARE accepted and are encouraged
United Kingdom
ello all :) ah, deep forest. 'this lap is going ok' BANG YOU'RE DOWN!. a lot like nurburgring in that respect.

i'm just glad it's not so long, doesn't hurt so much when you lose the lap :banghead: :lol:

my first set of splits are...

t1 - 25.801
t2 - 56.820
Kent, UK.
Sorry ICEman, not had much time for TT recently. :embarrassed:

Will definately be back for this one though. :cool:

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United Kingdom
Sorry ICEman, not had much time for TT recently. :embarrassed:

Will definately be back for this one though. :cool:


Been too busy testing the whole pack of DTM cars for George Morley's series. Plus nearly sliced half of the tip of my little finger off wed evening, so holding a DS2 is a little sore to say the least!

Bloody stupid really, was washing up (stop that sn;ggering Darren) and as i put some cutlery in the drainer, didn't spot one of my razor-sharp chef's knives also in the rack and quite literaly didn't feel the cut until it was too late.:ouch:

Blood everywhere, took twenty mins to stop the bleeding enough to dress it. Can't even check it for a couple of days as it's dressed with makeshift butterflies made from zinc oxide tape and it'll open up again if I remove the dressing too soon.

But I will get to this, I love the Ninja!


The word sn;iggering has to be spelt this way, because the filters think it's a bad word! It ended up as s******ing! A little over sensitive me thinks
Coquitlam BC

Stock bike settings, but found a new rider setting that likes to turn in pretty good

and i must add
this is with PRO! settings, the way it should be... for those using semi-pro....
sector 2 - 56.4.

im still fine tuning my set up, but, at least its not tieing itself up in knots. i was having a lot of problems flicking it back to the left in the last tunnel. probably losing time in the last corner since the bike likes to stand up at the apex.

off-topic: did the quick reply disappear?


Fairfield, CT
GTP_Jake / XRef

Fun combo but hard to get just right. Pro mode all the way...


Fairfield, CT
GTP_Jake / XRef
anyone else having major troubles landing on the front straight? :scared:

I have to break on the uphill before the jump or else I miss the first turn off the straight.

By the way, I can't stop looking at your avatar! :D
anyone else having major troubles landing on the front straight? :scared:

kinda. they way i do it is to hold back on the left stick and go to neterual throttle ~3/4 up the hill and keep the riders weight back until the bike settles enough to jam on the brake and turn in maybe a bit earlier than what you might think and then double apex the corner to get a good drive up the hill.
I watched a replay to verify it was clean and side on view showed the bike a foot off the ground on the rise before turn 1.

No wonder the bike gets a bit out of sorts :)

I find a dab of the brake just before the rise settles the bike down - other wise it's the old ice scenario into the kitty litter :scared:

Splits :

Kent, UK.
My front wheel is still turning into a noodle on the 2nd half of the start/finish straight :D

noodle :lol:

The best I could muster whilst trying to keep my thumbs from being crushed between the tank and clip-ons were these,

T1 26.315
T2 57.868

Not too bad considering it was the first time I've used the fully pro mode? Saves you a lot of time if you can get your throttle control down, it also seems grippier IMO.

Oh well, with a bit more practice I might be able to stick with pro mode from now on. 👍