Turner LMP 2003

Turner LMP '03




• Manufacturer: Turner Automotive Design
• Country: United Kingdom
• Year: 2003
• Type: Street
• Division: Gr.X

• Engine: Kawasaki ZX12 4 cylinder
• Power: 180 HP / --- rpm
• Torque: 127 Nm / --- rpm
• Engine location: ---
• Displacement: 1199 cc
• Valvetrain: Prop/Diff
• Fuel feed: Electronic fuel injection
• Lubrication: Baffle sump

• 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Time: 4.6 seconds
• Top Speed: 217 km/h (135 mph)
• Power-to-weight ratio: 0.36 hp/kg

• Chassis: CDS Tube
• Drive: Rear wheel drive
• Gearbox: 6-speed sequential

• Front suspension: Coil-over damper, double w/bone
• Rear suspension: Coil-over damper, double w/bone

• Front brakes: Vented, Alloy 4-pot
• Rear brakes: Vented, Alloy 4-pot

• Lenght: --- mm
• Width: --- mm
• Height: --- mm
• Weight: 500 kg


A track-day car designed from scratch to provide you with an experience like no other. "Stunning" good looks, driver focussed ergonomics, "blinding" acceleration, incredible handling, outstanding brakes. A sports car full of character providing you with complete sensory overload. You will feel exhilarated and rewarded each and every time you drive the LMP. EVO magazine described it as "huge fun"


The base model utilises the power unit from Kawa- saki's awesome ZX12R — the most powerful road-bike in the world. Using this engine the LMP can ac- celerate to 60 mph quicker than most super cars costing 10 times the price. With digital ignition, twin camshafts, 16 valves, and 180BHP on tap (190BHP with ram air effect), it's little wonder that it takes the senses a while to come to terms with the incredible speed.


A happy consequence of the Kawasaki unit is the combined 6-speed sequential gearbox, allowing lightning fast gearshifts to match the awesome acceleration. The gearbox operates through uprated, Kevlar© clutch plates, and stronger springs to provide better engagement and pedal feel. In fact, each car in the range uses a 6-speed sequential gearbox, those with V8 units using one of Hewland's race proven units.


Engine options allow an already rapid car to be transformed into a vehicle with incredible performance. As if the standard LMP-S wasn't enough, the car can be ordered with 210BHP (LMP-SE), 230BHP (LMP-R), 360 or 400BHP (LMP-RST-V8), or 500BHP+ (LMP-V8) to give truly earth shattering performance. The LMP-V8 gives blistering power and more relaxed highway driving, whilst the RST-V8 gives raw, uncompromising power delivery more suited to track and racing use.


In the case of the bike-powered models, the power is transmitted through a specially made propshaft into the differential unit from the BMW 3-series. This layout was chosen to eliminate the tiresome and messy maintenance duties associated with chain-drive. in the LMP, the differential doesn't receive the stresses normally associated with the comparatively heavy road car. This ensures a long and trouble free life for the powertrain, borne out by the extensive, 18 month durability programme that the LMP was subjected to through 2003 and 2004. The V8 models use a Hewland 6-speed sequential transaxle unit, with a Limited Slip Differential as standard.


Drivetrain durability is further re-enforced by using hubs, wheel bearings, and driveshafts from BMW. This allows for easy serviceability as these parts are available from any BMW dealer, meaning LMP drivetrain parts are readily available around the globe. In addition, the transaxles are manufactured by Hewland, a company with racing heritage and dealerships the world over.


This kind of thinking abounds on the LMP. Every aspect of customer ownership was taken into account. For example, the ergonomics of the driving position: the LMP is the only car in its class that can accept drivers ranging in helghtfrom 5'0" to 6'6". The seat, steering column, and pedal box can adjust to allow such accommodation. However, the passenger's seat doesn't move because it doesn't have to, thereby saving the weight of the adjusfing mechanism.


From day one, the car was conceived to be driven to the race-track, to spend all day there providing the kind of enjoyment banned from public roads (and usually exclusive to race car owners), then driven home again where it would be parked and ready for the next outing. without major maintenance. Although it's a high performance machine, it's far from a high maintenance nightmare.


The LMP can be truly tailored to your requirements, with a wide range of optional extras available to enhance its road and/or track capability. as well updates for racing use.

The future will bring further developments to aid comfort and increase performance, allowing the customer to continue to personalise their LMP or trade-up to a higher specification.


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