TVR Tuscan Challenge

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  1. 1BlueCar


    Okay Ving, you asked for it. I embark on my quest for a Speed 12

    The Car
    A Speed 6, of course. I maxxed it out with 632 HP and, with new oil, 664. Can you say overkill? :D Anyway, I tightened the suspension up and got ready to race...

    Round 1: Trial Mountain II

    During qualifying, it became clear that my car had too much HP to handle. Even so, I qualified for the pole. And the green...
    I tore away from the pack and told myself to take off that NA Stage 3 Tuneup next chance I got. Well anyway, I had a pretty big lead on the second lap. Then, after the tunnel, I went into a spin. Ouch. Fortunately, I managed to pull out and catch up. I pitted on lap 9, but none of them ever pitted.

    White Speed6 +23.230
    Blue-Green +25
    Yellow +25.462
    Red +25.909
    Gray +26.631

    Best Lap: 1'28.609
    Total: 15'38.421

    Round 2: SS5

    I rushed into this race without toning down the car OR qualifying. I forgot. Well, it was a pretty uneventful drive in the park (or the city). Except when I was distracted by a mosquito and rammed head-on into the divider separating the pit lane and the road. Well, this race was easy.

    White +29.444
    Yellow +30.861
    Red +33.080
    BlueGreen +34.538
    Gray +35.889

    Best Lap: 1'23.932
    Total: 15'01. 327

    I've gotta go now, finish this later. I will definitely take some HP off this car.;)
  2. Blaze Kinser

    Blaze Kinser

    I first ran this series in a Speed Six with 532 HP, and that still was enough to win by a fairly large margin. I'm suspecting that the AI's engines are either stock or somewhere close to it...
  3. :focus-


    I expected stern competition, so I also entered with a 532HP Speed Six...with all the rest (i.e brakes, suspension, gearbox etc), but when it came down to it my car was far superior, which was dissappointing to be honest (roughly 45" victories). I lived in hope of the AI improving (fat chance) so kept with the 532 until Seattle. I removed all of the power mods for this, and actually encountered a decent race, not grabbing first until lap 9, and pulling out a 0.812 second victory - which was well fought and needed constant concentration throughout the whole race, it was a satisfying, enjoyable race :D
    I was hoping for the same closeness during Test Course but I ended up laping them all by lap 7..ah well.

    I was pleased with my Chamaeleon Blue Speed Twelve aswell, made it all worthwhile :cool:
  4. Der Alta

    Der Alta Staff Emeritus

    I'll pass a vote that the AI are running near stock with a set of T2 tires. I've run this race a couple of times, last one was in a Stock TVR with T2's and it was a pretty close race with the AI.

    So when are you headed back to try and race it with a lower powered car?

    Nice write-up with good info.

  5. Duke

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    United States
    The only Tuscan I own already had Lightweight work done to it, which is obviously not removable. I ran it otherwise-stock using T2 tires and wiped out the competition. I'm not that great a driver, either. It's definitely on my To-Do list to rerun it in a totally stock Speed 6.

    Welcome to GTPlanet, :focus-! Good to see another contributing member.
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    Thanks :cool: it feels good to be welcome :D

    One question I've wondered over the past few days - are all the cars run in the car specific cups (i.e Avant Garde, Clio cup etc.) all stock?
  7. Duke

    Duke Staff Emeritus

    United States
    No, not necessarily. The Vitz Cup and the Elise Trophy definitely have modified cars running in them. I recently started the Elise series in a brand new MS version on T4 tires, and the entire field ran away from me, bit the other MSs and even the 190s. I really wish GT3 wasn't so cute about hiding what the AI cars are packing.

    I suspect the Italian AG cars are all stock, but I ran it in a built C12S rather than the racer, so I don't know. But their spread was pretty close between the AI cars. The same with the Tuscans as mentioned above.
  8. 1BlueCar


    Urghh...I lost the times to the rest of the races :mad: :mad:

    Oh well, at least I remember most of them. Here's the other two races (I skipped the last one).

    Round 3: Rome Circuit II

    I replaced the Stage 3 NA tuneup with a Stage 2, hoping it would tone the car down. I took some other stuff off too, and ended with with something like 570 HP. Well, starting the race, I smashed into the wall on the first turn after being bumped from behind by one of the other cars. :irked: They all got ahead of me and it took me a few stretches to catch up--I finally passed the red Tuscan, and payback, I put him into the wall, sending him into last place. :mischievous: :cool:
    I'll admit I use the other cars to get around turns.
    This was an even WORSE race, despite my toned down car.
    The closest car was something like 25 seconds behind.

    Round 4: Seattle Circuit

    I hate this track.

    I put the HP all back so I could really really win this race. When I first tried it, I got far ahead, but my T3 tires started to give out near the end. I spun THREE FREAKIN' CORNERS in a row. :banghead:
    With this, next thing I knew, the white one zipped ahead and the rest beat me.
    I quickly hit the reset button and tried again, this time with T2s. I won.

    I skipped the last race and got a Chameleon Blue-Green Speed 12 on the first try :) :) Now I am satisfied, despite this very boring series. Maybe I'll try it again sometime.