Twincharging your car (guide)

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Hi to everyone. In the last months I made some some great hybrids, but these aren't cars with some F1 parts or other over powered car parts. These are just twincharged cars. In real life twincharged cars exists. Any lover of Group B Rally should know that the Lancia Delta S4 is one of these. Even own its Road Going model was twincharged. Who played Gran Turismo 2 for sure remember the Nissan March Super Turbo, and yes, this car was too a twincharged car. But, what is a "twincharger"? A twincharger is simply a turbo together a supercharger. Both helps own weakness (the supercharger are for low-mid regimes, to compensate the turbo, and the turbo are for the high regimes, to compensate the supercharger for example). This is a complex and expensive process, but the result is incredible. In the world there are just like 10 car models that exit from the factory with a twincharger, but aftemarket kits exists (one of the most common are for Subaru Impreza models). All right, after this pseudo-explanation of what is a twincharger, is the time to talk about of to get twincharged cars in Gran Turismo games.
This is possible just in three GTs: 4, 5 and 6. In these games you can buy both for a car that have this option, but you can't use together. For this reason hybriding your car is the only option.
Gran Turismo 4: get a cheat device (GameShark, CodeBreaker, Action Replay, ecc...) and put the hybrid codes for the turbo and supercharger (codes for most cheat devices are available on this Forum). Once made that you need to know what are the parts of a certain car (I will put a list here, don't worry), then activate the codes and start the game. Remember, the process works just for cars that are currently selected. Once you view the your car with increased power means that all went all right. To verify just go to the settings of the car and go to see the turbo/supercharger options. If both are fitted you should read the stage of the turbo applied plus the supercharger setted to "applied".
Gran Turismo 5: unfortunately for both GT5 and GT6 you need a Custom Firmware (I will not write on how to get one) and get the Garage Editor made by slim355 and q-k (I will provide that too). Unlike GT4 you can hybrid any car instead of just the current one. Making that on Gran Turismo 5 is very simple. Copy your save on a USB, plug into your PC and start to edit, then test the changes when in-game. If you see a tick on both turbo and supercharger means that have worked. The parts are 100% the same to GT4 cars, so you can use the parts list also for GT5, but for new cars (like the BRZ) you need to know what are you changing. Then, when editing a cars that was also in GT4 just use the parts list.
Gran Turismo 6: as said above, you need a CFW. You can twincharge the your car only through the CFW Editor made by Razerman (of course provided here). The process is pretty complex for the first times, but just follow the passages wrote in his program. You will need an FTP program (like FileZilla) too (I will not explain that, for any possible reule break). This time you can't use the GT4 parts list for any car, being all changed. An important thing. The hybrids will work only when you are playing online. In offline the game will revert to stock any change have you made. Now online is impossible, but thanks to the Nenkai's Master Mod is possible (check the modding discussion for GT6). Just go to the Public Lobby and do the necessary to create a room to test your twincharged cars. When editing a car will be an offsets list to help hybriding. If your twincharge project went well, you should see the optins for turbo and supercharger to the "applied" state. As GT5 any car can be hybrided

Now the resources:
GT4 Parts List (works with GT5 too):
GT5 Garage Editor by slim355 and q-k:
GT6 CFW Editor by Razerman:
Updated offsets list for GT6 CFW Editor (replace the older one. This have a lot of things! 2nd update):

Here a video I made (PAL version):
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