Ugliest car in GT3 (by popular request)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 3' started by Danger Powers, Jan 23, 2002.


Ugliest car in GT3? Or anywhere for that matter....

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    Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno version (popular choice)

    58 vote(s)
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    Trueno GT-Apex (another popular choice)

    50 vote(s)
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    Daihatsu Mira

    102 vote(s)
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    Suzuki Alto Works

    133 vote(s)
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    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak

    86 vote(s)
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    Volkswagen Lupo

    44 vote(s)
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    Austin Allegro

    46 vote(s)
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    33 vote(s)
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    20 vote(s)
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    17 vote(s)
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    None of the above

    100 vote(s)
  1. Ugliest Car...

    Is it just me being so shallow or can other people put their sense of taste on hold and drive an ugly car? Some cars I can forgive because they handle well but some are just so plain ugly!!!

    Make your choice and give your reasons...

    I find it hard to choose from the list but its got to be that damn pink one, you know which one I mean!!! ARGH! On the other hand, the seventies styling of the Trueno has been known to make me reach for my mirror sunglasses and the sick bucket...

    Gosh thats sounds familiar, we could just post pictures of really crappy old cars instead and have arguments about which is best, my dads or your uncles?
  2. Ugliest car in GT3 is the current Toyota Celica.

    Ugliest not in GT3 is the Pontiac Aztek.
  3. Ok who voted Allegro???? Axletramp is going to be v. pissed with you!
  4. I went for the Suzuki Alto Works, man that thing is horrible!!!!
  5. Concept


    Uh there is no option of the Pink Vitz here. :(

    Well I totally think the Escudo is ugly. can not handle worth a crap. :mad:

    The best looking has to be the Viper Concept. :)
  6. That would be me.But considering I'm old enough to remember the 70's and just HOW bad the Allegro was,i think i'm entitled to vote for it. :D
    Didn't see any of the other classics there....Morris Marina,Datsun Sunny,Vauxhall Viva or Triumph TR-7 :eek: SHUDDERS
    And Ooo ooo i forgot the lurvely Vauxhall Chevette.My brother had 1 in chocolate brown :yuck: :sour:
  7. TS, I really think you should get together with Axletramp, he took his driving test in an allegro.... don't worry this thread will degenerate quite quickly into a discussion about old crappy cars, it did in the GTF forum :)
  8. I won't mention another word about crappy cars from the 70's.However i speak about the Allegro from past bitter experience. :(
  9. Everyone should agree with me. Hyndais.
  10. Trueno GT-Apex , you know it is ugly when you spend 20mins tryin different wheels on it and it always looks like crap.
  11. :lol:
  12. You know, it would be a really good idea if you could change the colour of the carbon fibre bonnet/hood too, maybe the Shinego version wouldn't look so bad then? or maybe not :D
  13. What are those names which I never did see in GT3 ???

    What version are we talking about ????

    To my opinion the ugliest heep of steel is the warped thing called Esperante
  14. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    Oh my, oh my, look what I found this morning! Hello DP. Got your PM this morning and wondered what you were on about - I should have known!!! :D

    Did someone mention the Allegro - stitch that:


    :eek: Hehehe

    All we need now are & mr_pushrod and nothing will be different! ;) :D
  15. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    MMMMM... sleek, classy... err.. red...err... bag-of-****e!!!


    Has that certain 'Trueno' wedge look, don't you think? :D
  16. I love the 'rostyle' white wheels on the Allegro - gives it a certain classy look.... nah it doesn't really it still looks like a standard 'mustard' allegro.

    Wow! That princess has a carbon fibre roof!!! These are more from your scrapbook I take it? Oh my gurlies just described me as a forum whore... somewhat apt I feel....
  17. or is an ambassador?
  18. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    /Out cruising in my beige VW Derby, winds window down, waves a fiver/ Nice ar$e, how much sweet thang? ;) :D
  19. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    Princess!! You haven't been doing your homework have you? :(
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  20. It somehow looked classier in red, bearing in mind the one I had was blue with a carbon fibre hood, erm roof.... I remember the inside of the engine compartment better than the interior of the car funnily enough....

    Edit : Well I've just checked the stats on the poll, and the Trueno is storming ahead already!!! YaY! I don't have to contrive to 'doctor' it..... not that I doubted it mind...
  21. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    Holy Maloney! Please tell me this was at the same time your girlfriend had that Allegro... The outside of your house must have looked like the set of some '70's sitcom... or the driveway in 'Butterflies'! :D
  22. nope, its the one I 'owned' for 3 weeks... I moved house and left in front of my neighbours window (the one who kept complaining about it being parked in front of their house) :D

    My G/F had the allegro long before I met her, she had a Fiat X19 too, needless to say she hid all this from me until I moved 12,000 miles to be with her...

    And now she has............ an MX5 :D

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  23. and a beautiful site that is! :D wow, between you and I, we have drug this soo far off topic. I don't think I've ever been so un-prosecuted in an online group for doing such :p
  24. I think we're pretty safe if we just say 'Trueno' every now and then... thats generally bang on topic :D

    Just wait for Axletramp to start scanning pics in from his favourite cars of yesteryear scrapbooks :rolleyes:
  25. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    He hasn't even started yet.
  26. TRUENO TRUENO TRUENO, there, that oughta keep us aight for a little bit, hehe. so I'm guessing you guys aren't new to eachother? and the dissing of the MX5 isn't serious :)
  27. oh he's serious, but ask him what he passed his driving license in.... oh and isn't that Trueno the ugliest in the game?
  28. axletramp

    Jersey Jersey V.1.0

    I like your number plate DP, it suits you! I'd worry about your misses' one tho!!!! ;) :D

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  29. I passed my driving liscense in one too! it was great, I popped the latches, threw the top back and I could see all four tires :D Dang, so he is serious huh, how sad :cry: :eek: :cheeburga :p Oh yeah, I'm not typically a mean kind of a guy, but there's a dude in teh automotive forum that goes by the name jag_v12 somthin or other that would really hate us, LOL. (I took a subject slightly off-topic and he jumped me for it) Oh, and howabout that trueno, it sure has a black hood huh.
  30. ah AT, you appear to have maltransmogrified those images, mine is actually the 1990 M1 on the left, the one with the top down and ridiculously large 'ricer' wing on the back! Looks a bit like a park bench?

    Ah the carbon fibre bonnet thing, we have a theory that it is in fact black stick on vinyl, on the TRUENO :D
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