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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by ExigeEvan, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. ExigeEvan


    Just here for general discussion of the show. Someone brought it up in another thread so I thought I would dedicate a thread to it.

    Lets talk about 28th of Decembers Terrible episode. Budget cuts....W/E
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  2. Dave A

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    It was a terrible episode thats for sure, the rest of the series was good though. They need a good looker on the show me thinks.
  3. ExigeEvan


    Lets start the Jodie Kidd Campaign. Lets get a good looker on the show as a presenter.

    I think teh lack of female presenters is probably due to Jeremy clarkson, he'd prpbably take the piss out of her.......alot
  4. ShobThaBob


    What car was done on the 28th?
  5. ExigeEvan


    the 'cheap' Smart Brabus
  6. mr_pushrod


    Mmm, Jodie Kidd, fast and fit. Got to love the Toyota Hi Lux 'test' though:D
  7. yeah, i love the show!!! Even if it has to travel half way across the world for me to watch it!!! Last bit i saw was when they dropped the 'lux off the building.
  8. ExigeEvan


    I want them to do one last test on the truck...........
    Drop it out the back of a Hurceles or C-17 Globemaster
  9. Famine

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    United Kingdom Rule 12

    Hasn't the Hilux suffered enough? She's been dropped, had a caravan dropped onto her, hit with a wrecking ball, driven through a shed, drowned (in the Bristol Channel), set on fire AND been in a building which was being destroyed... Leave her to rust in peace (ho, ho, ho).
  10. mr_pushrod


    I think a comparison with a new Toyota pickup could be quite interesting, lol.
  11. ExigeEvan


    Spoil sport :rolleyes:
  12. I went to MPH 03 in London a few weeks back and the Hilux was made to dissapear by a magician :lol:

    Another point and something thats been pi$$ing me off in the show they have a wall they call crock or classic where they put pictures of cars into the 2 groups, well a couple of episodes ago they put the Mazda MX5 in the crock section for being false or something:confused: and proceeded to slap the Nissan Bluebird in the classic section for ''being built in Britain''. Are they friggin insane:mad:

    Anyhow now I've got that of my chest good idea for a thread.:tup:
  13. ShobThaBob


    I hate jeremey clarkson.
  14. Roo

    United Kingdom Hampshire, UK

    The firing of the Jag off the end of the HMS Ark Royal was good - espically when people started writing in thinking that they'd actually killed a stunt driver doing it.
  15. GilesGuthrie

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    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    I really like the show. I think that the three guys work well together, and the format has really settled down.

    The last show of the series was a bit lame though.
  16. ShobThaBob


    How exactly do we go about watching it here in the states? Ive gotten a few downloads of certain cars reviewed and tested, but nothing near a whole episode, which Im sure would be fantastic to see.
  17. Race Idiot


    I think it would be nigh impossible, i'm pretty sure the people at the BBC hate the show. But they keep it because it gets good ratings. I doubt they'd put it on in the US, unless you have some sort of BBC channel?

    You might be able to order a DVD?

    Very true, they all work well together. Their group test for the S2000 Z4 and Boxter was hillarious.
  18. ExigeEvan


    This might sound a dumb question to sum, but when they broadcast satelite TV do they focus the satellite on the designated area or is it pretty much world wide?

    I know in France and in some other countries you can manually tune your satelite box to pick up BBC channels. And i doubt they would put Top Gear on the BBC world network

    I don't know if this is any good
  19. mr_pushrod


    A lot of the downloads of Top Gear I have are originally from the BBC world service so I'd say thats a good bet.
  20. The format now is fantastic and they have exactly the right people for it. James May was a genius addition, brilliantly dry humour, and thankfully the dodgy-looking fat one who wasn't funny hasn't come back.

    ANYWAY - I think that the recent celebrity lap times are a little false compared to the early ones (or the other way around, depending on your point of view). Why? Well, in series 1 the Liana was new, and presumably they don't do much more with it than run it round the track. So by the time Brydon & Cowell got their laps, well it's nicely run-in now isn't it?! So it would be that little bit faster than when brand new. Anyone agree?
  21. ExigeEvan


    i dunno, im sure the 'geniuses' of top gear would have sorted that out. Thoumaybe them new cluches are working after that American burned them out. What was his name again?
  22. mr_pushrod


    The guy off Starsky and Hutch, David Soul or was it the other one?
  23. ExigeEvan


    yeah it was him. Just found it on the site.
  24. Probably not much help, but British Airways sometimes put Top Gear on one of their in-flight TV channels. If all else fails...
  25. ExigeEvan


    just fly back and for across the atlantic, shouldn't cost too much. :rolleyes:
  26. Hey what happened in the last xmas episode. I was in FRance at the time so I missed it. :(
  27. I know - it was a joke.
  28. Its got a roll cage too ,improving the handling by stiffening up the body it does seem to have got faster though.
  29. ExigeEvan


    Didn't you notice the sarcasm?
  30. Danny

    United Kingdom Scarfolk

    I like sarcasm
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