Uncreated's Gallery: Destroying an R6

Discussion in 'TT Photo & Video Galleries' started by The Uncreated, May 21, 2006.

  1. The Uncreated

    The Uncreated

    Warning: The pics behind these thumbnails are HUGE. Nearly a meg each. I saved them as PNGs to maintain the picture quality.

    That's me on the GSX-R600 about to blow by an R6 in challenge mode using full pro mode and manual transmission. The track was Suzuka.

    Shot the pics at f22 and 1/4000 shutter speed.

    What I don't like about the pic is where I put the focus. Since I was on the GSX-R, I wanted me in full focus, but I should've put the focus mostly on the R6 since it takes up most of the picture. I've also included other pics.


  2. [empty space]

    [empty space]

    the only problem with wanting to put the focus on the other bike is that the game considers the other bike just another piece of the track. not another bike so the focus would have been off and the entire picture blurred. to get the r6 in focus, youd have to watch the replay so that the r6 was the center of attention.

    nice pic though :)
  3. guska

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    I'm not so sure about putting the focus on the other bike, it seems a damn fine photo to me. Is that the level of detail and graphics in TT? If it is even close to that, I'm going to go and get my copy this week!