[Unofficial] The Crew 2 Photo Mode Competition (Week 2)

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Congratulations @rallymorten for winning the first week!
Now, time for Week 2's competition! It's gonna be a little different, Beyond the Road is the next theme to take!

"One of the unique selling points of The Crew 2 is that it's home to more than just cars and bikes. Whether you're making waves or flying high, shine a light on these unconventional modes of transport." -rallymorten

Vehicles: Anything that isn't a car or bike
Location: Any
Time: Any
Livery: Any
Other Restrictions: The vehicle must be "out and about" (i.e. no shots in the garage/showrooms. You cheeky little buggers).

Rules and How to Enter:
1. You must be a member of the GTPlanet Forums to participate.
2. Upload your screenshots to the Media section of the forums.
3. To submit, mark you entry with the following text and code (without spaces):
[ color=red ][ b] FINAL ENTRY [/b][/color]
4. If you already won the previous week, you cannot enter the current week. It's more fair for new arrivals.

The last day to upload your entries is Sunday, March 10th. Good Luck!
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I'll be excited to see what people make of this one - we *are* using vehicles a little different to what people may be used to from other photomode comps, after all. It should be interesting to see everyone out of their depth.

And yes, my provided example photo is a reference to something. And no, making another reference to that something (or anything from that franchise. You cheeky little buggers) doesn't automatically equal me voting for you.
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Oh well m8 worth a try I guess maybe we could try some kind of time trail doing the normal races but using one type of car/bike/1960's/FF/4x4 etc?