V4 vs V6 in MPG?

Discussion in 'Cars in General' started by sicbeing, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. sicbeing


    How much difference does a V4 and a V6 save you on gas mileage? My current car gets somewhere in the mid 30's, even higher on the highway. Its a Civic though. To get more specific, how would a V6 Mustang do on MPG? Low 20's? Thanks in advance.

    (PS. this isnt with a lead-foot driver either).
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    YOu probably wouldn't get that gas mileage on a V6. YOu will pretty much always get more in a 4 cylinder.

    My V6 gets 17mpg, but it's 16 years old. I would expect gas mileage in the mid 25s in a V6, but in the case of a Mustang V6, probably low 20s. It all depends on the displacement of the engine, and how much power it has.

    BTW, Civics have I-4s, not V4s. I don't think there is even such thing as a V4...
  3. sicbeing


    well u know what i mean then =-p Yes in an In Line 4 Cyl, and I might buy a Mustang V6.

    I might buy a supercharger for it, do you think it can handle it?
  4. It'll handle it as long as it's done right. As far as MPG.........with a supercharger, you looking at less the 20. Keep this in mind. More HP=less MPG.
  5. a6m5

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    Do not buy an V-6 Mustang. People will laugh at you. Personally, I'd love to have the new V-6 Mustang, but I can't because it will be the butt of every joke.

    If you're considering adding an supercharger on a V-6, just get the Mustang GT(V-8). MPG shouldn't be any worse than the supercharged V-6, and you will be respected, not laughed at.

    One thing though, if you really do care about fuel consumption of your car, stick with Civics. Mustang will get a sh**ty mpg.
  6. ShobThaBob


    I am a member of 3.8mustang.com/forum....do NOT buy a v6 mustang with the idea that you'll make it fast. Just dont. Ever.
  7. I've heard of two, one in an old Saab (I don't remember the name), and the one in the late 60's Lancia Fulva HF. There's probably a few more, but it's way up there as far as rare engine configurations go.
  8. Old Ford Transit vans had V4s and so did some Ford Capris. Same engine I believe.
  9. sicbeing


    I care about MPG, but its not like I NEED 30+ MPG. if it can be mid 20's in the mustang thats fine. And, why is there such a huge warning against mustangs? WHy will I get laughed at? I figured I'd get more laughed at in an import car.
  10. Ev0


    There is a huge warning against V6 Mustangs only, because they have a huge reputation for being a poser car, despite the fact that the new V6 powered Mustang is a great car, especially in terms of value. Like a6m5, I'd absolutely love to have one, but I never will because my friends would never stop laughing at the car.

    But if you're looking for fuel economy, I'd just stick with the Civic. You'd be hard pressed to find a car with better mileage, so you might as well save your money now, and get something fun later when you can afford it.
  11. Famine

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    Mazda MX-3 V6 (and similar figures for the Probe V6 and MX-6 V6) - Urban 28mpg, Extra-Urban 38mpg, Combined 33mpg.

    That's miles per Imperial gallon, obviously, not US gallon.
  12. sicbeing


    Well like I said. MPG is important, but it isnt the end all importance that will keep me from buying a car. I want a V6 Mustang Convertable. When I start to give my hand at trying things like SCCA, I'd like a Rear Wheel Drive car. I am not sure how heavy a Mustang V6 is, but I figured it'd be a good ametuer car. I don't want a V8 quite yet because no.1 I have no driving experience with anything faster than a civic (I've drivin stuff, but never owned something like that). And also the V8 will be a huge gas guzzler. That's why I'm asking how bad the V6 is. If the V6 is -decent- on gas, or at least not a gas sink, then I might look into mustang V6 further.
  13. How good are you at handling an FR? If it's your first experience, it may be difficult for you at SCCA. I've seen FR drivers all over the place because they can't control the power which makes me faster than them even though I'm in H Stock. SCCA is all about control while keeping speed.

    Now what sucks is that we lost our site. :ouch: No-where to run. :(
  14. sicbeing


    Well I've never actually tried anything in a FR. If I get the mustang, I won't be doing any SCCA until I feel confident enough, both in my manual shifting and in my FR experience. But, I won't really get a feel for FR until I actually try stuff, and I don't know when that will be. I may do little 180's, 90 degree turns, and etc practice on emtpy roads or etc.
  15. Joining the SCCA helps you become a better driver. You'll learn your car very well and how to control it if you keep at it.
  16. ///M-Spec

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    Don't worry about it. You'll be fine in a V6 Mustang... so long as you grow some breasts to go with all that estrogen. :D

    Get a GT coupe. With a 5-speed. Gas milage will be fine.

    EDIT: On second thought, get a late model Z28 Camaro. Seriously.

  17. Get a '93 Coupe DeVille. Slightly less RWD, but it'll outrun V6 Mustangs all day long, and if you light foot it around town you can get a little over 20mpg. And when you beat people, it's that much more embarassing for them.
  18. sicbeing


    I dont really like how camaro's look, :tdown:

    How bad would it be with a GT? ... I think like 17 mpg?
  19. ///M-Spec

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    ~17 in city driving, yeah. Much better on the highway due to gearing. The 4.6 mod GTs get like 26-28 on the highway. This is the older body style. No idea on the new ones, but those are out of your price range anyway.

    The Z28s are slightly more competative in SCCA F-Stock. Not to mention you get 320+ hp and more gears vs. 260 hp and less gears. Something to consider.

    The Z will cost more to insure, more likely.

    Have you considered a 1999 BMW 328is?

  20. sicbeing


    BMW's are a bit to expensive to maintain, and doesn't sound like an "ametuer" car to start off in SCCA with. Keep in mind this mustang aint the last car I'll ever buy, I'll get something better a few years from now. I'm only 18, so most of these nicer faster more racey cars are kinda out of my league :(

    on another note, im most likely goin to look at a 01 mustang LX i found today, got a quote on insurance and it aint too bad, around 1200'ish or more like low 1,300 every 6 months. Now I just gotta see how much Finacing will cost me.

    If im not mistaken, a 01 Mustang has 190 HP @ highest RPMS, so that isn't bad a all for me. :tup:
  21. Sic, I'm telling you! You ought to listen to Mspec. My cousins have all driven various BMW 325/328 setups. They'll get you much better mileage, and shouldn't have so much power that they mess you up trying to race. Though a 328's 190 hp is what you're saying your V6 mustang will put out. And really, the maintenance shouldn't hurt that bad. It may cost a little more than the mustang, but it won't be in the shop near as often. That plus better mileage should treat you better than the mustang. And the balance will be FAR superior to the mustang's. In fact, though the power is the same, they are probably not in the same SCCA class. I'd plug the camaro too, but you said you don't like them.

    But wouldn't you rather be made fun of a little for driving a BMW (if that actually happened) than for a driving a V6 mustang? (which will DEFINITELY happen).
  22. sicbeing


    I dont know. My dad owned 2 BMW's and he warned me big time about their mantainance (sp?) costs. And it would be even worse since I plan on racing the car I buy, ya know? I didn't look into anything besides that M3 you told me about. I'll look into the other ones.


    I probably wont be test driving anything now until this weekend. I feel like I'm rushing into it and I'm gonna get ripped off. So I'm saving it until saturday or sunday.


    Couldnt find anything on autotrader for a BMW under 10,000 around me :grumpy:
  23. I wasn't kidding about the Cadillac. It'll spank the Mustang in a straight line and keep up with the BMW, and on an autocross course you'll still be spanking the Mustang and keeping up with the BMW. It has a fully independant front and rear suspension, with fully adjustable camber and toe, 200hp and 275ft/lbs, and with a set of lightweight wheels and good tires (or even just good tires), it will show people up.

    Plus, the 4.9 is ultra reliable, insurance is cheap, and the car shouldn't cost more than $4,000. Granted, it's only got an autobox, but it's the second best automatic transmission GM has ever made.
  24. ///M-Spec

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    Oh, I forgot your budget was 10k.

    That will not find you a GOOD '99 328is. Maybe a good 323is, which is still an excellent car.

    328/325/323 maint. is not that bad. Labor will be the same $ , but common wear items will tend to be much less than for an M3. E36s are very solid cars and the troublespots are all well documented. More important, a 323is is less likely to be run hard and put away wet, compared to an M3, which will undoubtledly be driven "with enthusiasm".

    All I'm saying is be aware that BMWs do have a parts and labor premium, but don't jump to conclusions about their penchant for NEEDING more maintanence. They are not any more maintanence hungry than most other cars out there.

    Also, a 3-Series is a much easier car to learn handling dynamics on than a Mustang. Much more balanced and forgiving.

  25. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    True, some(I'd say few) will laugh at you for driving an import, but most of those are just import haters.

    I work at a Ford Dealership, so I've seen too many guys get made fun of, for driving a V-6 Mustang. IMO, I'd either stick with the imports, or move up to the GT. Again, just my opinion. :)
  26. sicbeing


    Well, since I'm once again not rushing to buy anything , it'll give me time to save. Later this year buying a GT wouldnt be a problem, because right now, both my job and my girl are long distance. 24miles to work, and 70 to my girl. I see my girl every weekend, and i work 5 days a week. Since i have a civic, it aint a problem. Now at the end of this year i should be living with her and also be a lot closer to work. And also my weekends will be more free. So buying a racey car with low MPG wont be a big deal, i might even keep my civic as my town car and only use the stang (or whatever i end up with) as my SCCA car.

    I'll look into the BMWs more. They are a bit pricey but they look solid, and if I only use it for SCCA / Racing, it won't be as bad.

    When I do buy the car, I want to keep it stock under the hood for a while, and work on my suspension, tires, overall weight, etc. Like the first purchases I'll be making will be keeping weight off (racing seats, carbon fiber, low weight rims) and then performance tires and suspension, and then I may do some things under the hood. Keep in mind this will take a long time and itll be over years of working on it, but I hope to get it down solid and started soon :tup:

    How heavy are those 300's bmws? And which models should I be looking at? 328, 325? thanks.
  27. ///M-Spec

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    Start stock. When you're ready to move out of stock classes, pick something like STS. That will allow some geometry changes, sway-bars, shocks, springs and basic bolt ons. R-Comps are not allowed in STS, so you won't have to spend $1,000+ every 8-12 months on Hoosiers to stay out front. Still, STS is a very competative place last I checked.

    A 1999 or 1998 328is coupe is an E36. They are about 2980 lbs. ~3050 for an auto. 325s and 323s weigh roughly the same. The 318s are lighter at about 2870.

    Performance between these cars are very similar. If you want to stick to your budget of ~$10,000, you should look for a 1998-1999 323is Coupe. It is rated at 170 hp, but BMW underrated the motor and it makes closer to 180 hp.

    Don't bother with the 318. The price differential isn't worth it. 323 is the sweet spot.

  28. sicbeing


    Thanks, but all that sts and etc talk got me lost, i dunno what your talking about. :boggled:
  29. Azuremen

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    Okay, you keep saying SCCA. What kind of events do you plan to do with them? Autocross Solo II? Road racing? What? Cause they do alot.

    Powerful RWD will give your ass to you if you aren't careful. I use to out do a guy in a Mustang Cobra with my Tercel. And he had mods, and I had stock crap.

    Some of the fastest cars are FWD. Like some insane B18 Supercharged CRX that runs at our autocrosses.

    And Gas milage has more to do wtih teh cars setup than the cylinders I think. STi gets pretty bad milage compared to other 4 cylinders. Its like on par with big 6 cylinders and stuff.

    V6 mustang is like... bought mostly by coeds and mom's, isn't it? i'm being serious, I remember that being a number I saw somewhere.

    If you want domestic RWD power, V8 is hte way to go. As much as I hate V8's -_-
  30. Joey D

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    V4's are used in dune buggies a lot.

    First off I've owned a Mustang...it was an old 5.0 but still it was a pretty bad car, well I did pay $500 for it so I'm not going to complain. Anyways don't get a V6 Mustang, they are slow, and to put it into perspective my truck can keep up with them.

    You want gas mileage all I can say is a VW TDI you will get upwards of 50 mpg. But that's probably not your style.
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