VGTA Handicap Championship. Mondays, 8:00pm GMT, from 10th Jan 2022.PS4 

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Ok, after being away all last week, therefore missing the finale, I think I need to say a few words here.

First off I thought (and think) Zolon's VGTA championship was a brilliant idea for a championship, the handicap system really worked well and I'd like to revisit that same format sometime in the future, with Zolon at the helm of course (for a rookie you did great Zo, don't be humble about it! ;) ). I would respectfully suggest some tweaks to be considered, like having cars with tyres that degrade during the race, cars that need to pit for tyres if it rains, car class where the faster cars are at least as easy to drive as the slowest. And I agree also with someone's suggestion that the field should be more evenly split between all cars so we don't get a big midfield of a single make. In any case I am truly sorry that my two absences kept me from keeping some pressure up top, but I have no doubt that it didn't matter, Jammy was head and shoulders above everyone else and I can only say I'm glad I got to use the yellow Nissan for 1 race, it was an honor!

Overall I think I did decently when I took part. Silverstone I won with the Porsche (my first, only and therefore last win) and held on to a good position with the Nissan in the second race (won by Jammy in a Porsche, last time he used that car also)

At Sakitto and Spa I had some of my best drives, Dubai didn't go so well, Fuji I couldn't take part, Algarve was good but not great, Bannochbrae I was heavily handicapped by litle to no practise (I'd rather forget those two races) and I finally had to miss Brno, one of my most loved tracks (where I had won the pre-championship practise race no less ... :indiff: )

However, my lacklustre participation and results don't matter much, again I say I enjoyed immensely taking part when I could and again I say this was a brilliant idea for a championship where everyone from this group, no matter how fast, how well equipped (from Fanatec to controller) or how much practise time you get, always had a chance for a good scrap within the field. Thanks @Zolon32, we all benefited and got ourselves some hours of fun thanks to from your ingenuity (in creating this) and availability (to run it).

Cheers, and again congratulations to @jammy21 on a very impressive win!