VSR: Very Silly Races

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United Kingdom
Quite a few leagues on here try to replicate real life events, or do things that are at the very least probable. I enjoy these, but sometimes you need to let your hair down. That's why I've come up with the VSR championship.

The races would all be different and completely ridiculous. They'd throw sensibleness outside of the window and into the central reservation. Here are some ideas:
  • Northern Isle Speedway - SRT Tomahawk X VGT - 30 minutes
  • Broad Bean Raceway - Red Bull X2014 Standard - 30 minutes
  • Nurburgring 24h - VW Beetle and Sambabus - 3 laps
  • Dragon Trail Gardens - CHC Chevrolet Nova - 30 minutes
  • Special Stage Route X - Kei cars - 20 minutes
  • If Matterhorn was in the game, I'd love to do something on the shortest variation in Group 1 cars.