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Kudos to Jordan for founding GTplanet, the #1 site of its kind. What I like about GTplanet is notwithstanding it was originally created with Gran Turismo in mind it has evolved to much more than that encompassing a whole variety or racing games (and others too I think), relevant news as they happen and events. And the forums are extremely helpful too with members' contributions in timely manner. It is truly the best I've ever encountered. Cheers.


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Is this the one where @Jordan asks himself questions then answers himself?

Love you man! And Andrew too, I guess


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I posted my comment for the YouTube upload but wanted to share it here, too.

it was funny to listen to @Jordan explaining how he didn’t have much exposure to road racing in the early 2000s in Kansas. Comparatively, we were in a much better situation - when it comes to exposure to road racing - in the ex-communist Hungary back in the '90s when I was a teenager.

I was 14 in ‘92 when my car love really started with the auto catalog of the big German publisher Motor Presse but before that we watched with awe the first F1 race behind the Iron Curtain in my home country in 1986. In the early nineties my lifeline was the Pan-European sports TV channel Eurosport, Some highlights that stuck with me over the years:

- I watched Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Kevin Schwantz and Mick Doohan becoming world champions which meant getting up really early for the season opening rounds from the Far East
- seeing Alfa Romeo wiping the floor with the 155 GTA (Gr. A) in ‘92 in the Italian Touring Car Championship, then with the 155 V6 Ti in the DTM the next year (I have the feeling the most people only know about the DTM part which of course is more widely known, partially because at that time DTM did race on the Nordschleife but the GTA with it's 2 liter turbo 4 cylinder engine and 4WD looked probably even better than the DTM version)
- experiencing the glory days of the Class 2/Super Touring category:
- BMW winning Spa 24h with the brand new 318is car in 1994
- the historical diesel win at the Nürburgring 24 with the 320d
- the BTCC field thundering down the Cramer Curves
- the Volvo 850 Estate in BTCC
- Frank Biela dominating the French Touring Car Championship with the Audi 80 Quattro
- Joachim Winkelhock (always with a cigarette in his mouth) and Tarquini winning BTCC with their BMW and 155 respectively
- BMW and Audi dominating STW in the early years

Man, gotta love those door-to-door touring car races, so many memories!

When it comes to sports car racing, Eurosport showed the races from the BPR Series (the foundation of the current SRO championships) in 1994, saw the F40, the Venturis, the rise and fall of the McLaren F1, saw in person the CLK GTRs dominating the GT1 field in ‘98 (and the Oreca Vipers doing the same in GT2), the turbo whistles of the 911 GT1-98, the Panoz in GT1 that was louder than 10 cars including the Vipers around it, the Lister Storm, the Marcos…

Plus what I haven’t seen on Eurosport, I read about it in the German car and bike magazines. Those were amazing times for sure and as I said, Eurosport was most definitely a huge enabler for me getting access to all those great series and races, too many to mention :)

It's still sort of unbelievable that we had better access in our ******** little country compared to the US (in parts) but as motorsports fan I was in a really lucky position then and there.
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It's still sort of unbelievable that we had better access in our ******** little country compared to the US (in parts) but as motorsports fan I was in a really lucky position then and there.
As a motorsports fan you were quite lucky!

It's a big cultural difference. There is still almost zero awareness that "road racing" is actually a thing in this part of the country. Nobody I grew up with could tell you the difference between IndyCar and Formula 1 (a friend of mine once said he didn't like F1 because they "weren't real cars" — that's why he preferred stock car racing, instead...). Mention the 24 Hours of Le Mans and you'll get a confused "Oh, do they still do that?".

I didn't even know the Nordschleife existed until I learned it was going to be in Gran Turismo 4! Even now, when I tell people I am going or have been there, only about four of my friends actually know what I'm talking about.
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I absolutely love GTPlanet. To me it isn't just a website, it's a community where i can come to check the latest Motorsports news / games. Sometimes i can vent on here, and someone will give me advice on how to fix my problems. Visit GTP every day, and i love it on here. One big factor of GTP for me, is the GT2 hidden content thread. I use to view that before i even made my account! So much interesting information you can find on here. There's no place like GTP.

@Jordan your creation was a huge success imo. Mental health wise, it's kept people like myself on track (No pun intended), like in school i would sneak on my phone and just check the latest news and read the forums to keep me going years ago, and when i was at a very low point in my life three years ago. So thank you, we appreciate you Jordan.


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I can't shake the idea that I'm part of something special. Gives me a very good feeling.