We need the ability to sort lobbies

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I hate sport mode since it doesn't allow tuning, so I'm forced to use online lobbies for 3rd-party league racing or do random lobbies. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to make new lobbies of the same exact things over and over instead of finding lobbies that cater to their needs. The reason? I believe it's because since there's no other way to sort lobbies than chronological, most people have to either be lucky and refresh at the right time or sift through pages of 1- & 2-person lobbies. If we had the ability to sort them by player count, max hp/wt, connection strength, and all the other options we can change about lobbies, more people would be inclined to find and join lobbies.

End rant.
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Since the FIA Championships and Sport Mode Daily Races are what PD is pushing as GTS's strong points and its drawing card I would not hold my breath for the lobbies to get help in being something more players flock to anytime soon.

If the average player checks out the lobbies and sees what you describe then the majority will jusrt head over to the Dailies and race online there.


Meme Dissident in Exile...
There were some filters for lobbies in GT5 & GT6, is there really nothing at all like this in GTS online?
There were some filters for lobbies in GT5 & GT6, is there really nothing at all like this in GTS online?
It has the same filters, but not sorting which is absent in the previous games as well
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Lobbies are weird. You'll have 3-4 random players enter, not bother reading the lobby name or specs, not say anything other than a canned intro, and just sit there without actually participating in a race.
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I've noticed the same thing. There's too many lobbies with usually just a few players instead of few lobbies full of people... :boggled:
Indeed. This is massively annoying especially when you want to just race or cruise with a good amount of people. Usually there are only 5 or 6 rooms with 10+ people and all the rest have like 2-5 people. You can't have a race with only 2 people on La Sarthe, its boring.