Weekly Race Series, Week 1 - Supraman!!!

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Welcome to week 1 of the Official GTP Weekly Race Series!


The car: Tom's Castrol Supra. Arcade version.

The track: Fastest lap of Trial Mountain.

Race Deadline: Deadline for time submission is on Monday February 24th. at 12:00am (or 00:00 hours, or midnight.) Mountain Standard Time. If you are unsure of your time zones please refer to this site: www.worldtimezone.com

Use the Arcade version car only.
Race will be run in Arcade mode "Free Run."
Use "Race" option only. Not Drift.
ASM and TCS are your choice.
Save your replay.

1. No wall hitting or riding.
2. 2 tires on the track at all times.
3. Rumble strips are considered part of the track.
4. No short cutting.
5. No hybrids
6. Drive a clean honest race! :)

Going to kick it off here with a simple race. Take your Supra out for a hot lap on Trial Mountain and send in your fastest lap! Send your final lap times to me via PM.

Only discuss T2 times. (a.k.a. Sector 2 times.) These are the split times you see during your race replay.

See you all at the track!
34 something. still not sure about shift points and gears.
T2: 33.484

Looks like I got some work to do if I'm going to catch up to you Mischa. Just watch your tail buddy. :D
Originally posted by boombexus
T2: 33.484

Looks like I got some work to do if I'm going to catch up to you Mischa. Just watch your tail buddy. :D

Let's wait till Ron's T2 first. I got a feeling we both need to do some catching up soon:irked:
Originally posted by made in holland
You got my Pm by the way, Rob?

You've got one advantage though. You know the times from everyone, but we don't know your time:mischievous:

Well, I wont know any times until all the racers have submitted them on the deadline date. Of course, if there are some early submissions, then yes, I will know there times. :)

I race as hard as I can race, if there are faster times than mine, then so be it. Knowing the times really doesnt help me out at all. :)
Wow... i suck!

After 5 laps, my best T2 time is 34.573. I just hope it's because of that flu medecine it took this morning... :lol:
Hey PR! Don't worry man, just keep at it, and remember, everyone in here is free to offer advice about the race. We should all be helping eachother to improve. :)
Remember, your only racing against others in your class. :)
I don't know what i did, but i'm at 34.085 now! I guess there's even more room for improvement
Originally posted by 12sec. Civic
Why only T2? I think the longer the track the better, because then the feild will be scattered more.

T2's will offer a estimate as to how you are doing against the other racers but not giving away your total time.
i'm at 34.3 something, though i do have a band aid on my right index finger; minimal issue.

i got mad at a lid and cut the finger punching it. :)
I was in the mid 34's earlier
Gave it another shot ran 6 laps got it down to T2 33.642 not bad methinks .
Have to give this one a shot soon. Sounds like a good race :)
I just pulled a T2 time of 33.895 a few minutes ago. That almost was my best lap cuz at the T2 checkpoint i was 1.1secs ahead of my ghost but I made a few mistakes and I ended up losing that lead and finishing .2secs behind my ghost at the end of that lap. Kinda disappointing. :( Oh well.
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