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A majority of us have raced in online lobbies that have been a free-for-all, everyone bumping, cutting other drivers off, dive-bombing, etc. We all have entered those kind of rooms and in our experience it really kills the fun of racing when that happens. ARL was founded on the principal of clean, fun racing for drivers of any and all skill levels. ARL is open to anyone and everyone who wants to race as long as the connection doesn’t cause a problem.

We have noticed most series run month to month. ARL feels all that does is handicap a driver if they miss a week, because let’s be honest, life happens and should always come first. With that being said most ARL series run in 8-12 week increments. These series will usually include 1-2 drop weeks depending on the series length. So if something does come up and you miss a week or two it won’t kill your season like it would running month to month.

We run a clean league by enforcing a penalty system. We expect all of our drivers to know how to race clean and respect others on the track. Please know that if this is something that you cannot follow, then this is not the league for you.

ARL is a clean league and we have a very well put together incident reporting system for you guys. We hope with the few minor changes that have been made it will make it easier on all the drivers to submit an Incident Report if they feel inclined to do so. The penalty system for this league is based on points deducted. For any driver who commits a penalty (depending on the severity of the penalty) will have points deducted off of their season points. If the penalty is so severe enough it may mean suspension for the season/suspended indefinitely. These rules and points deductions will be included in all ARL sanctioned races, and are expected to be followed. If a driver receives a grid penalty or suspension they will be suspended from all ARL events until penalty is served.

Thank you for your interest in ARL. We hope to see you on the track very soon! Please follow the steps below to complete your entry into the league:

1. Review all of the first post of the series you plan to run (links are below), paying extra attention to the Race Night Layout, Qualifying Procedure, and Race Night Procedures!

2. Review the current car list in that series, find a car that has available slots left for it and post a reply in that thread with the attached names. @PApunk924 @SydViscus @Moby45 @scarecrow937 @triebs2

3. Race Clean and most importantly, have fun!

Click a link below to learn more about each event.

ARL Schedule of Events, Series and Races: (All times listed are Eastern)

Monday’s: Currently open

Tuesday’s 9:45pm: ARL Endurance Series.
Endurance races with varying classes every Tuesday (currently on break)

Wednesday’s 9:30pm: Sprint Series Season 15 Gr.4 Championship
10 week season using Gr.4 cars

Thursday’s: You can usually find an open ARL practice going on.

Friday’s 9:45pm: ARL Endurance Cup
Multi class racing on track at the same time featuring Gr.1 and Gr.3 cars. Includes success ballast for tighter competition throughout the season.

Saturday’s 10:20pm: ARL GR3 Series.
The ARL showcase event. Multiple lobbies, multiple driver classes, success ballast over the course of a 10 week season.

Sunday’s: Currently open, no series or events scheduled at this time.

ARL League information:

Quick Link: arlsimracing.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/vPQW4Ke

Youtube channels:
ARL Channel
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