What are some video games you used to like, but dislike/don't care for anymore?


Any game. especially fps... I had a ritual lasting many years where I played the single player CoD campaigns just to get a story of progression.

The last one I played was BLOPS2. I meant to play the Kevin Spacey one but never got around to it.

Problem will be that I have a job that has anywhere up to 10-12hr shifts and I havent watched a movie nor any TV series since the UK dramatisation of Chernobyl, Jared Harris, 3.6 not good not terrible etc.

I still have a PS4 and I still bang out GTS and whatever free crap Sony are giving away (Horizon Zero Dawn).

I havent turned on my Xbox for a long time. I just cant get motivated to even look at whatever the hell Microsoft is shovelling. Forza is the gaming equivalent of white bread. I have exceeding low hopes for Fm8/Fh5.

With two kids and all the mess that life is who has the time? I have two cars both overdue for service. Both are what I consider "non performance SUVs".

I have a 'gaming pc' of sorts, 8 core Xeon + RX580 but havent played much but 2d games on it. I have a new 32" 4k monitor sitting in the garage unopened.

I seem to be constantly paying bills and I dont have a problem with money because my job is good but geez. Everyone seems to be in my pocket.

I look forward to retirement which shouldnt be that long from now just so I can zone out and play games and get back into high performance V8s.

I have absolutely zero interest in PS5/Xbox X until there's some compelling titles ie. GT7.

My only current love is hifi audio. I have a nice set of speakers + power amp subs etc. which is nice for games if I ever bothered.
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Most if not all games really fit this bill.

I've always been into racing games, but most of the arcade titles I have no interest in anymore, and the simulation titles are all the same. Have a set of cars, tracks, and run a chain of single races. No progression, no immersion beyond car on track, no real feeling that you are truly part of the racing world, or reason to continue to grind out races. "Career Modes" are just glorified single chamionships that have no bearing on one another.

Also I'm very much a person who prefers moddable games, just for the ability to create cars/drivers/rosters to mimic real series. Unfortunately the only game that does this well(AC) has too many terrible illegal rips and conversions to sift through that I have sort of given up trying.

Forza and GT have lackluster custom race modes that make their wide variety of cars and customization useless for replicating a real racing event.

I'm still running NR2003 for a NASCAR title but even that has overstayed its welcome for me(mainly due to community toxicity and division.) There is no decent modern alternative, so I'm up a creek there as well (NHeat has limited modding but as a game is sub-par at best)

I've lost interest in Pokemon, which I used to sink hours into, now lucky to get 20 minutes before I get bored.

I did play TF2 for a while, but got tired of not improving and hating the numbness of grinding out hours to get better.

And all the other games and genres don't interest me in the slightest.
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The Grand Tour Game on PS4... Liked it for about an hour and then uninstalled it.
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Need for Speed The Run.
Got this game for the PS3 back in Christmas of 2011 and despite being disappointed with Shift, Nitro, and Hot Pursuit 2010 before, I still gave it an honest chance. This is one I only "sort of" liked at first and it just barely makes into this thread. The game started off alright and at least managed to draw me in. The races, while not super exciting, I liked them some since they didn't frustrate me as the previous games did. The scenery in the game was pretty darn good to look at, the handling, while not fantastic, I didn't mind it much and the rewind feature I thought was a neat idea I wished other games had. (still do) It having DLC cars inspired by cars from some of my favorite NFS titles undoubtedly had my attention as well. While people complained about the story, I was thankful it even had one at all and I feel it added to the experience and gave me some incentive to play through it all. Initially, I thought it would be the first 3rd gen NFS I would actually end up liking in the end.

Was it? Nope! The career at least managed to hold my attention long enough for me to finish it, but once I beat it, I had no incentive to do it ever again. I tried doing a few online races and those didn't do anything for me either. Pretty much after the first playthrough, the game just had no replay value for me and nothing left for me to enjoy. To be fair though, the game was at least tolerable, I didn't completely hate it and if I had to go back to one 3rd gen NFS title, I'd probably choose this over the rest, but that really isn't saying much. I may be wrong about some of the things I said here and I may be forgetting something because I ended up abandoning the game just weeks after getting it and haven't gone back to it since. Regardless, despite how I felt at first, I still don't care too much for this game.
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For me it most sports games. I used love Madden, NHL and the like. Bought them every year until I realized I was basically paying full price for upgrade rosters essentially. Most FPS
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The list is too long, but I'll just name a few...

  • Madden Franchise
  • WWE franchise
  • Call of Duty franchise
Just such a shame what they franchises have become. Sales are up for each of them no doubt, but the quality is most definitely in the dumpster.
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EelX 5
Smash Bros. Wii U

The game suffers from nothing for it to stand out. The moment we got Smash Bros. Ultimate. Wii U felt redundant.

Melee has Adventure, Brawl has Subspace, 3DS has Smash Run. I guess you can say Wii U had Smash Tour but Id just play Mario Party.

Speaking of Mario Party. Super Mario Party is also one of them, its not as exciting as the other games even 9 and 10. It doesn't brutally screw over players and since everything is so cheap, the strat of just farming Golden Pipes then use them in the final turns is by far the best strat. Makes playing very repetitive. Disappointing because I love the friend mechanic
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I was first introduced to the Need For Speed in the mid 90s on the Panasonic 3DO and played just about ever installment of this series prior to Need For Speed: Pro Street. In 2007 I purchased my first Xbox 360 then began to play Test Drive Unlimited, Project Gotham 4 and Forza Motorsport 2. Over the years I've followed the Need For Speed series but lost interest due to its lack of features which were available in the other racing games I began to play in 2007.
Soccer games. Don’t know any of the football players. And the gameplay is still pretty much the same as 10 years ago.
I used to play tons of motocross games, in fact they were my racing mainstay pretty much from Excitebike on. They really lost me when everyone switched to the two stick system, and game designers that lost the plot with tracks that somehow managed to be both unimaginative and preposterous at the same time. The genre really peaked with MCM2 and has been in decline since, and improved physics and the incorporation of real tracks and series haven't overcome the stupid two stick controls enough to save it.
I used to play a lot of multi-player games before, one of these was this one:



In 2015, this was one of my first PS4 games that I played and it was the one who introduced me to FPS. I remember playing a ton of hours in that game even though I never got a chance to play all 4 expansions. Many people criticized the game, however I enjoyed every minute of it.

It's been 6 years and after playing a lot of single player games such as Halo, BioShock, Half-Life, The Last of Us, etc. now I understand why a lot of people didn't like it. First, the main campaign was a complete mess, although the game had a cool art style the plot was non-existent; it had boring characters, poor dialogue and repetitive missions that only consisted of killing waves of enemies and getting from point A to B.

Although the game had great replayability, 90% consisted of repeating the same missions over and over again along with FOMO tactics that make the game feel like a chore.

I currently have no interest in playing multiplayer games again, because many of these are tedious and employ the same tactics to keep their players hooked (eg: Grinding, Loot Boxes, Daily Rewards, Random Rewards, FOMO, Power Creep, Pay to Skip, Artifical Scarcity, Premium Currency, etc)
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