What are the best new PS2 games coming out?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by *Evolution VI RS*, Aug 12, 2001.

  1. Ok... im bored so im gonna post in this section...

    So... what games coming out for the PS2 look like the best ones?
    leave your opinion below...

    I think that Silent Hill 2, Devil May Cry, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, FFX, and FFXI will be 5 great games
  2. u forgot MSG2.......
  3. omg... <smacks self>
    how the hell did i forget MGS2... im like totally obsessed with that game
  4. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    um what about max payne is that out for PS2
  5. not sure
  6. My oldest son plays MGS so he is waiting for MGS2 to hit the shelf.
  7. its gonna be a great game... the demo rocks the house
  8. Hey Evo, active member, right on bro!!!!!!!!!:D :cool:
  9. How about Le Mans 24 Hour?
  10. Not too familiar with many of the other games, kinda got stuck on GT3 and Rumble Racing.
  11. le mans looks good, but GT3 will be better
  12. I'll have to go see whats available and then go rent it to see if it's any good
  13. How did you like it (rumble racing) I love it.
  14. lemans got an ass bad rating in this months OPM
  15. I really enjoy that game you can really take out alot of frustration on it. Cyber road rage:D
  16. Its realy cool to try to drive looking out the windshield and do some flips or spins.
  17. I just love the aray of cool weapons you can get. especially the tornado!!!:cool:
  18. Dont you think the game moves realy fast.
  19. Yes thats what I like it really sharpens your reflexes
  20. What is your favorite car? I like the Inerceptor.
  21. I like interceptor, vortex diablo ,and escargot
  22. How about the Camper?
  23. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    so this is where u guys are...and not tell me
  24. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    wonder what i am now at 150
  25. keep
  26. Road Hog what a trip that rig is
  27. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    is rumble racing that good ill have to rent it
  28. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    Its real good but glad I finished it before GT3