What did you do in GT7 today?

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-Did the JGTC Special Event in the Castrol NSX GT500 and then the Toyota TS020
-Drove the Jaguar XJR-9 around Spa
-Drove the 2019 Super Formula around Daytona
-Drove my tuned Tech Art's AE86 around Sardegna A
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Decided to go back and try the offroad Circuit Experiences. Finally got gold on a full lap of Sardegna. I got quite close to the barriers:

Sardegna - Windmills_.jpeg
After a too long day working, I needed some cool racing to relax.

So I took my beloved Viper GTS '02 and found a nice livery that I modified slightly, mainly with new wheels with a nice paint.

After that I went onto the American Clubman Cup 700 race that takes place on Trial Mountain and has 5 laps.

As it was not enough to reach the DM mileage, I replayed one more time the current weekly event at Laguna Seca, with the Viper also.

DW 4* brought 30k, I feared I'll obtain the Pagani invite that was on the wheel just next the stack of coins...
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Today I really finished up the weekly races, the JGTC style one was very cool, shame the cars couldn't have the old school sponsors on them. RAYBRIG- ARTA- CALSONIC..etc etc.

Amazingly cool to see those retro race cars on Fuji!!
I wish I could say I've done something positive this week, but after claiming the gift Toyota from doing the first two online TGR Cup series races (skipping the third), my wheel decided to crap out on me, with the power cord pulling away from the connection at the wheel and constantly cutting out.

I do have a request to get a new power supply through Thrustmaster, hopefully through warranty as I got the wheel in December 2022, as nobody actually does a 110V-24V AC-AC power supply. There are some 110V-24V AC-DC supplies out there, but the facts that the output of those aftermarket supplies is DC while the Thrustmaster's output is AC, and my wheel is still under warranty, makes me not want to go that route.
Cashed in my silver reward from the Tsukuba TT and 1 second faster than the required silver time on La Sarthe.

I was surprised how far the track limits got pushed back from what I remember. But very good fun.
Spent some time on the Volvo V40 today. Since it has a 5-cylinder engine, this was actually the car from the update I was most excited to drive, just for the sound, but when stock, it's pretty muted, and when you upgrade it, it sounds like a broken 4-cylinder. I managed to find the happy medium where the V40 sounds genuinely good. All of the removable tuning parts (ECU, turbo, air filter etc) are fitted, along with the High Lift Camshaft S to increase the rev limit and the semi racing exhaust. The more permanent engine parts you fit, the more it changes the sound into a 4-cylinder.

So it gets around 360bhp and sounds really nice now!
Tried for gold on Normal S10. That's the 917 on a wet Spa. Got into silver, still more than a second off gold, by the time I threw in the towel.

Won Tokyo WTC600 in a Countach Anniversary with some mods to make it closer to 600pp.

Tried the Beyond the Horizon missions. Can't quite catch the leading Civic at wet Tsukuba, and can't even get to the finish line in the offroad challenge. On one attempt the Tundra yumped a ridge and landed on top of me. I was disqualified for getting run over 🤷‍♂️ . Got gold in the rest.
Got an answer to my question how far I can go in the game before having to spend CR (besides the missions where it is part of the game): Menu Book 35. I could snag a 3rd place and win the R33 with the R32 won from Menu Book 18, but the R35s were just gone on the straights on the other courses. It was fun racing, but in the end I’ve bought a R35 Nismo and that car is a hoot.

Got a little unlucky and won the Ferrari 308 the next Book, so the Ferrari book will be… interesting.
Haven't played much this week, hopped on for half an hour yesterday, claimed my TT money, ran a Ferrari 430 in the Ferrari challenge and then took a Corvette C6 to Michelin raceway for the American FR challenge, 3* spinner gave me a gr3 Honda NSX.
Finally did the weekly challenges.
WTC 800 race is too easy. Used the Mazda 787. Dial the fuel map to 6 and forget it. do not have to pit. won by over two minutes.

Broke out my swapped Mercedes 190 for a WTC 700 race at deep forest for some extra cash.

Sold a few extra cars in the UCD

After yesterday's, um, practice, I tried again today and got gold on Beyond the Horizon's offroad challenge. Seems I was mistaken, yesterday too. The pickup in the challenge that jumped on me yesterday isn't a Tundra but a Ford. In my defence, it is hard to tell them apart when viewed from underneath.

Then, I went back to the Tsukuba wet test, and after a couple of restarts to shuffle the field (if the NSX starts at the front I can't catch it), half a dozen runs, and a whole bunch of pushing and shoving later, I got gold in that too and that completes my Beyond The Horizon mission.

On a roll, I went back to S10, added some oversteer assistances and that was enough to get me gold there, which finally gives me golds across the board for normal licenses.

Then took my Mitsubishi GTO to the Tokyo WTC600. It was fast and well settled but I ran out of front tyres on a one-stopper and couldn't hold on to the lead on the last lap. Finished in second place and also needlessly gave up CRB at the end of lap 9 by tagging an AI car under braking.

Finished this week's challenges, then did Le Mans Half Hour in an Alfa 155 to fill my wallet a bit. Managed to hang on to my CRB in this one..

Overall a productive day for me!
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Got the Toyota Alphard from a 4* ticket. I’ve been eyeing this car IRL for ages now and was quite surprised it was even it the game. Pre-ordered a 1/64 the other week, too. I’m at peace with the tickets. For today 😉
Had a great day today. Finally bought the last $20M unicorn, the 8C 2900B Lungo Berlinetta 1938. So now onto completing the rest of the collection from the LCD.

Then took the stock, (it should never be anything else), Berlinetta round Nurburgring 24h for a few credits. Wow, that car is fabulous, probably not to everyone’s liking but handles really well and good acceleration. Only missed winning by 0.25 of a second to the Corvette (C1) 1958, which is my spirit car.

Now that all the $20M cars are done, I can relax and just enjoy playing the game. I remember from previous versions this was when it was most fun
Today got an early session in, ran a Ferrari 500 Mondial at deep forest came in second 1.4 seconds behind the Merc AMG that just pulls so much harder in a straight line than the vintage Fezza.
Took a widened body kitted bespoilered Alpine A110 round Barca, won by a smidge, 0.23 seconds.
6* ticket yeilded a 1m credit prize.
To get my miles I took a vintage Porsche 356 into the workshop, dropped a Porsche 959 motor in it, ultra stroke up, computer, exhaust and air filter and a custom gearbox. Now have a 185mph teardrop Porsche that comes in at 620pp. Took this to the Nordschlief and found you need to steer with the throttle, 3rd gear is your friend watch out for getting air. Came 8th as it wazzed it down towards the end of the lap and I just spent a lot of time in the gravel.
Daily roulette gave me a 6* engine ticket that's given me a spare RUF engine, that's found its way into a 993 Carrera which potentially could be the ultra weapon for Porsche cup events.
Happy Father's Day to any Dad's reading this!!!! I played some GT7 with my dad today as it is our common hobby. We both raced in shelby cobras around road Atlanta, our most "local" track (not even very local). His dream car isn't in the game, so I bought him a vintage model kit of the 1967 Chevy El Camino. Happy Fathers Day!
Traded a 5* for a Ford GT 2017 and bought the Celica ST205 Rallye car for a measly 250k. Now waiting for the road car.

Are you trying to get on my good side lottery tickets?
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Today I..

Today has been a 2 part day first I bought 4 more CLK LM 1998 for x8 in total.
Then I also bough 2 more 919 P1s for x4 I love this p1 car.

Which brings me to part 2 of my day.
After buying all that I was left with 7K so I started to grind my credits back.

Tokyo - X2.
Sardegna - X2
Spa 1 hour race - X2 with both the 919 and the TS050.

And speaking of the TS050 I found this Ferrari 499p livery for it.
Gran Turismo® 7_20240616151550.jpg

And the user behind this design if anyone else is interested.
Gran Turismo® 7_20240616151517.jpg