What did you do in GT7 today?

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I knew I forgot to do something earlier this morning - I found my extra Porsche 919 and put a JOTA Hertz livery on it.
I bought a few more 919.:sly:
Dawn_.jpegDunlop Chicane_.jpegDunlop Chicane__1.jpegTertre Rouge from Dunlop Corner_.jpegTertre Rouge from Dunlop Corner__1.jpegTertre Rouge from Dunlop Corner__2.jpeg
Gran Turismo® 7_20240617155458.jpg

Edited - I hit the garage limit again.:banghead::(
Took the MC20 to LeMans for credit reasons. I had to make 4 pit stops because I made an error in judgement. On my 1st pit stop I switched to wets because there was some rain coming but it didn't so by the end of the lap the tires were gone and the rain actually picked up. Luckily for me the AI struggles in the rain and I was able to get back into the lead by the end of lap 4. There were 2 yellow flags and I thought I might have lost the CRB because while I slowed down I did go pass the car that had crashed. I didn't pass any other cars except for the 1st time when multiple cars (like 6) crashed. Got a computer for a i3 from a 3 ⭐ 🎫
Finally completed all the races to 100% 😍

Dirt ones were annoying me (The fisherman's ranch one especially), but I've learned a lot on this weeks Volvo time trial so put that into practice with more powerful cars and finally got over the hump!

Didn't even get a measly surprise ticket for completing it 100% though....
Today was a decent session but these daily races come on PD!!!

Logged onto the game and checked my 787b and other lemans cars.
Did the Maceelaren TT and slightly improved. But still targeting 3:40 or 3:41 mark.
Tried the AMG GT Pro at catalunya, didn't quite improve.
Then moved onto Daily Race A and waht a catalysmic misstep by PD, it rally course and we not using Rally car, WTF?
I wanted or was hoping to actually use rally cars in this race, and at least they coudl have tried the rallycross circuit?
Then onto Daily Race B and another hit and miss, tried in the Genesis G70 and did ok got like 12th, bump my DR rating.
Then lastly came onto Daily Race C - and this is a rehash from only a few months back, so PD Why???? so stupid but had an ok race and clocked a 8th a with clean race bonus, ok kool! come on!
Took some snaps of my V6 NISMO swapped Alpine A110, so cool, its a beast on SS RouteX.

NEXT week Daily races must be epic for PD to deny us this week. Figners crossed and intertwinned.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240618132104.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618132829.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618134914.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618140001.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618140029.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618140432.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618140510.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618230105.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618231721.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618232120.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618231825.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618232712.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618232840.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240618233001.jpg
Usual marathon plus I had to buy another BMW GT3 Endurance model to get under the credit cap again. I really wish PD would raise this limit.

Found a Team WRT LeMans livery so I had to add that.
If that's such a problem why not just buy 5 F1s '94 or 5 of any other 18 to 20M cars from the LCD that'll fix your credits limit problem. ;)
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I screamed out loud because the Suzuki Escudo pikes peak is available. I took it to the WTC 800 races wich i have neglected and it´s a killer car. With map tune at 6 i only had to pit once at lap 6-7 to fuel up and get the wins on the following tracks:
Lago Maggiore, Monza, Dragon Trail and Circuit de Sainte Croix.

I also did the 30 min Le Mans race with a beefed up Peugeot 205 rally car, this car eats fuel like a jet fighter, luckily enough there was alot of rain and alot of pit stop from the AI so for the first time on Le Mans i had to do 3 stops but i still got the win.
I woke up early this morning because I couldn't sleep so I did a quick Sardegna run with the GT1. I got an ultra high rpm turbo for Anemiya RX 7 from a 4 ⭐ 🎫 . After that I went to Brand Central looking at cars. I went to the VW site and saw I car a never paid attention to the STI VGT Gr3. I am thinking about getting one now.
-Bought the TVR Tuscan and drove it around Kyoto Driving Park
-Bought the '69 Mustang, fully modified it and drove it around Le Mans
-Fully modified my Subaru Impreza 22B and drove it around Catalunya
Bought the Jag XJ13. Raced it at Sarthe 30 Minute race and it's lovely. Very benign. I love how I can see my own helmet in the mirror and that it moves in time with my head. The flip side is the rear view mirror doesn't actually show me anything helpful.

Had rain most of the race. Changed to inters on lap 2, came out and caught up to a group of AIs on the Mulsanne who had not pitted and were clearly struggling. As they approached the first chicane all three of them braked miles too late and had an almighty, synchronised, crash. That will look good on the replay.

That lap gave me a comfortable lead. Had one more stop for fuel only, track was still damp, and two laps worth of time left. Sun came out and I was enjoying the sun beating down in the cockpit on my final run down the Mulsanne on my way to a clean race payout.

That's when GT7 crashed ☹️

Total mood killer. I didn't even get to watch AIs bouncing off tyrewalls in formation.
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Marathon plus sold one more NSX rally car.

Couldnt get half a second more at the LeMans LTC so had to settle for bronze.

Watched SuperGTs video from the Ring. Guy is a total class act. Didnt sulk or complain one bit so I bought another BMW GT3 Endurance model and put his livery on it.

Tried the Barcelona LTC and got a 1:57. Watched Rory's video and got down to a 1:56.1xx. My bugaboo is that I'm constantly sliding off the track at T7 / T8. If i cut the turn too early though I'm hit with an invalid lap.... so i threw my controller out the window.

on the plus side, i keep all my roulette tickets so I opened one from last night and actually scored a Subaru BRZ drift car from a 3 star.
Completed the 5 weekly challenges, which were shorter than usual, then set a 2:19:3 in the Spa Time Trial.

Sold a Gr.B NSX (still got like 30), and then downloaded a few liveries for the Renault 4L, for a custom race I will try tomorrow or during the weekend.
After my Buttkicker Gamer Plus arrived yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon trying to tune the thing. Still a work in progress.

Chose to begin with the 1984 288 GTO at Spa to get a base feel, moved onto a tuned 512BB (@584pp w/ SH tires) to continue tuning.

Wound up taking the GR86 to Daily Race C with the cobbled together settings. Got several CRBs but one may have been a mistake. Wanted to apologize to @GQuake17 but haven't seen him.
I took the GTR Gr.4 I won a few weeks ago to the livery editor and painted it and created a new livery for it. Then I took it to LeMans. I was able to get 4 laps at FM3. I had to pit on lap 3 because I was running RMs and they were gone by then. It was a light rain but so I switched to inters and dropped to 4th. The rain stopped so I ate up the inters so I had to switch back to RMs. That dropped me to 7th and I got all the way to 3rd on lap 6 and of course the leaders pitted at the end of lap 6 allowing me to take the lead for the win.
Hallelujah! I finally golded Intermediate Drifting 2, the drift mission in Gone With the Wind (the one with the Viper). Have tried this sooooooooooooo many times but finally switched to manual transmission and after a few tries voila, 8024 points in the bank. I cant even begin to describe the feeling to finally overcome that mission.

Also did an engine swap with my ’89 M3 and maxed it out, and set a safe silver at the catalunya TT.

And yes, also got a 3 star that gave me a whooping 5000 cr. So, yeah… quite expected.
After over a week away because of wheel problems, and waiting for a new power supply (which is supposed to be free per the support team, though that offer was the last communication from them almost a week ago, I ended up getting a second-hand T128. Boy is that a "treat", especially since my TP3A pedals aren't playing well with that base.

On the GTP account, I dove right into the Weekly Challenges as I had less than a day to do them:
  • Deep Forest European Sunday Cup 500 in 3:46 with a stock Renault Sport Trophy, after finding the eligible free cars from the first 10 Menu Books too slo
  • Catalunya Special Event in an unclean 8:33 with a 2017 Alpine A110 with all the bolt-on power parts
  • Road Atlanta American FR Challenge in a "clean" with a stock 2015 Ford Mustang GT that wouldn't have won had the Ford Sierra Cosworth started higher than 4th
  • Lake Maggiore Ferrari Circuit Challenge in 11:03 with a stock Ferrari 458 Italia Gr.4 (the only way to win if the F12berlinetta or F8 Tributo start near the front)
  • Sarthe WTC 800 in a (dry) 21:10 with a stock Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3 (and the class-leading Viper running out of fuel on lap 5 to get me the win)
The McLaren time trial gave me 1,000,000 Cr., the Tsukuba time trial gave me 2,000,000 Cr., the 6-star challenge ticket gave me the max 1,000,000 Cr., and the 4-star workout Wheel of Despair gave me some height-adjustable shocks.

On the Plus account, I finally claimed my 2024-liveried Toyota GR010, then sold the original one for 1,348,740 Cr. I used the proceeds to get (almost) all the high-end parts for the 2017 Alpine A110 as well as sport soft tires to yield a 667.72 PP monster, and set off to the Weekly Challenges, changing to the T128's pedals after the third race:
  • Deep Forest in 3:21 with said Alpine
  • Catalunya Special Event in 8:12 with said Alpine
  • Road Atlanta in 4:32 with a stock Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1
  • Lake Maggiore in 10:59 with a stock Ferrari 458 Italia Gr.4 (after a bit of adjustment to the cheaper, except for sensor, 2-pedal set)
  • Sarthe in 19:57 with a stock 2008 Lexus SC430 GT500
The 6-star Wheel of Despair gave...you guessed it...the 2008 Lexus SC430 GT500 (which I hung onto for stock purposes), while the...you guessed it...3-star Wheel of Despair puked up the low-showing/lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.

I'm torn on whether to keep the cheap 2-pedal set from the T128, get the T3PM, or get the T-LCM when/if I get a new power supply for the T-GT II. I don't have a shifter, partly because I'm playing on a desk, and I'm starting to get used to those cheap pedals. On the other hand, they're a bit too narrow and the travel is a bit short.
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After yesterdays debacle - i calmed down and set about the weekly challenges.

Japanese Clubman Cup - Mitsu Evo road car
WRC - Toyota 86 Gr B rally car
Urus Special Event - ... duh
Vision GT - dove into my garage and dug out my Lexus VGT. Pleasantly surprised. Won the event.
WTC 700 - honestly any LeMans build will do here. Used my Toyota GT One. FM4 - did not have to stop.

Bought a C1 Vette from the LCD
Bought the TVR Speed 6 from the UCD... dont know what im going to do with these cars yet.
All I've done over the past two days is the "bronze drift challenge" where you try to beat the bronze TT time while drifting. It's the single most challenging and time consuming thing I've done in GT7 by a long shot!

Broke down and spent some credits. Bought the last two remaining Alpine VGTs so i could complete that brand.

Tried the Gr 4 time trial at the Ring GP Course. Knocked out five laps and set 2:09:1xx as best.