What game is this?

Chrunch Houston

United States
As the others have said, you're really grabbing at straws. A lot of work may have gone into the 3D scene but probably not just for this photo, it was probably done for something else and then bought or borrowed by Sony. Same goes for the cars, they're completely fictional and never seen in a video game before but I doubt someone at Sony made them from scratch for this, they likely got them from some 'stock' design company, like how we as consumers can buy rights free images online.

Yes this seems to make the most sense.

Oh well, I'll still keep my eyes peeled when I'm driving around in GT6.
Interesting that the next GT6 and PS4 may be optimized to take full advantage of these new 4k displays. It would be the Next Thing.

I thought it was the GT4 Seattle track first glance....