What games are you playing now?

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Wow, didn't realise that FF VII Remake Intergrade was so awesome. But playing this now. Also reinstalling BG3. Might continue Starfield at a later date, but it's just not drawing me in at the moment. Oh, and Alan Wake 2. Playing all of them on my handheld.
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I tried out OpenArena. For all intents and purposes, OpenArena is essentially open-source "Quake 3 Arena." I think even Quake 3 mods can be used with OpenArena. So if you fancy a Q3 experience without owning Q3, go get OpenArena.
The weekly routines for drop feed content :

  • FH5 weekly playlist FOMO
  • FM8 weekly FOMO races
  • GT7 weekly events (no FOMO, just for credits)
  • TC2 weekly summit FOMO
  • TCM weekly summit FOMO
  • Diablo 4 3-monthly battle pass FOMO

Life is FOMO…
Due to the timing on FH5, FM23 and GT7, I now refer to them as "FOMO Fursdays". Although FH5 is the only one of the 3 with cars that are time gates weekly.

Plus there's also the constant drop of Moments in EA WRC although they're permanent and not time gated, yay 👍
Picked up the Ace Attorney Trilogy for the Switch while it was on sale. Always had a passing interest in trying the series out. Close to the end of the third trial on the first game and while it hasn't totally grabbed me yet, I'm enjoying it enough to keep playing. Fear though that the "OBJECTION!" sound bite stuck in my head for the rest of my days.
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Last night I finished with God of War story.
I needed 32 hours for that, I've did couple of side quests too though.
As expected, good job from Santa Monica, only thing that I didn't like too much is many RPG elements they put in game.
I won't be going on platinum (I have it from every past GoW), there is too much to do and I'm not interested anymore as I was before 5+ years...

I got Diablo 4 this weekend. Never really played a Diablo game before, so far I really like it. It’s like The Division but isometric. :lol:
After The Spectrum Retreat, which was OK, I started something I never thought I'd actually play which was Breath of Death VIII: The Beginning. It's a very NES-era JRPG with some comedy rolled in, but it's pretty boring. I discovered fairly early on that when you die you go back to the title screen to load your most recent save and basically the combination of boredom and dying after not passing a save point for a while meant I quit after about an hour and a half (it's supposedly a 4-5 hour game).

As ever I don't know what to play next, possibly its sister game Cthulhu Saves the World as that's meant to be better, possibly not.

Edit: went with The Stanley Parable. I've tried to get into it twice before but I'm pretty sure all three times I've started it now I've had the confusion ending first and the seemingly endless restarting after not much happens puts me off the game before I've even started. I just did whichever ending it is that features a woman discovering Stanley dead on the floor though which was pretty amusing. I also stood in a broom cupboard for an unreasonably long time which must've looked odd to the person sat next to me on the train who was looking over my shoulder from time to time.

Ediiit: Gave up on Stanley again, I think I've got a bit of a Momento-style thing going on with it because I played a lot (but not all) of the endings and many of them felt familiar, so I think I probably have actually played it a lot more than I remember.

I've also been keeping up with GT7, playing almost weekly now, my longest streak since Spec II is probably three nights in a row. Hoping for some money rewards for the next batch of weekly events because I want the 959 next.
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Alright, guess I'll bump the thread - I'm playing New Vegas again, it was the first thing I installed on my Deck but I didn't get into it properly back then. I read something or watched something that mentioned it and thought it was time to give it another shot so I've built a very different character to the ones I've tried before: someone with basically no combat ability at all, but high intelligence, charisma and perception. It's not going super well to be honest, there's much more unavoidable shooting than I remembered. Still, I've never built a character for social interaction, usually either a gunslinger or a brawler who solve problems with killing, so I'm hoping it'll pay off (at least in terms of seeing things I've never seen before).

I've also played all the fun races in GT7, all I seem to have left now are events that demand a very specific build; the Porsche Cup where there's a very fast car that passes the race leader just as I come up to them and promptly disappears, the Kei car cup where I just can't find the right build at all... But I've got all the cars I want now (except for the F40 and 959) so I might go back to dipping in now and then to run a few of my favourite races in cars I actually like driving.
Should I complete MGS3+5
MGS3 remaster is playable and visually ok, but too dated controllswise to full walkthrough. Youtubed, as well as Peace Walker. Hilarious mix of anime craziness and Bondish spy adventure.

Did Ground Zeros and installing MGSV.
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House Flipper 2 dropped today, and its big feature is that you can now buy empty lots and build houses from the ground up. So much for making progress in anything else for the next month or so.
Struggling a little to engage with anything at the moment.

Playing New Vegas reminded me how much of it is just slowly trundling around a largely empty world and deliberately building a weak character was probably a bad idea because dying after a lot of slow trundling is a major setback.

So I tried Super Woden GP since its sequel is getting some good praise, it's good but it's kind of like a puzzle game - as long as you have the right car it's quite easy, then it's a case of learning the circuit quickly enough.

Then I tried Mark of the Ninja and that's also pretty good, I just don't really care about it very much and it has crashed twice on my Deck which puts me off playing too.

To be honest I'll probably stop New Vegas (again), dip into the other two and find something else to play in addition.
League of Legends.
The game really shines in its depth of character diversity and team-based dynamics. It's not just about who has the quickest fingers but really about tactically thinking through your actions and coordinating with your teammates. The only downside of the game is that due to its popularity in esports, sometimes you end up playing against very strong teams, which can be quite frustrating. And in such cases, you are forced to use LoL scripts, because otherwise you don't get any enjoyment from the game.
But even so, the game is very intriguing, forcing you to improve your skills.
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  • GT7 trying to complete all races + doing Time Trials and some missions I've missed.
  • Cyberpunk, lost my saves when I reinstalled my computer so I had to start from scratch again but with the 2.0 changes I'm not unhappy to play it again from the start. Love it so far, I really like the change.
  • Sea of Stars, I enjoy it as well, really nice little jprg.
Finished with Horizon Zero Dawn story, 31 hours, 27 trophies earned.
I liked it, maybe more then GoW that I played just before HZD.

Next is Frozen Wilds...
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