What is that painful stinging feeling in your jaw you get (sometimes) when you eat?

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by turboash78, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. turboash78

    Canada Regina, SK

    Ever get that painful stinging feeling where your jaw bone connects with your skull (right below your ear is attached)? I get it if I haven't eaten in a while and am really hungry, or sometimes when I eat something sour.

    Anyone else get that?
    What causes it, and why?
  2. Wenders

    Australia Newcastle NSW

    Yeah I've had that. My guess it's something do do with your salivary glands, but really I have no idea.
  3. wfooshee


    It's the chicken bones sticking out the back of your cheek which you were unable to swallow despite your haste to injest anything remotely food-like. I HATE it when that happens.

    Actually, I have no idea what you're describing, I've never had any such pain in or near that joint. I've been hungry enough that my hands tremor, and that's close enough to pain for me!
  4. Duke

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    United States Midlantic Area

    I usually get that pain feeling you're describing when I eat sharp Swiss cheese, for some reason. Certain other foods cause it, too but I can't give you any consistent reasons.
  5. Perfect Balance


    I get that sometimes even before I eat something sour, like a sour candy.
  6. Danny

    United Kingdom Scarfolk

    I get that with chicken.
  7. Aargh, this annoys me no end. Sour sherbert sweets seem to set it off for me, but they give me this 'lockjaw' effect - I simply cannot move my jaw for a few seconds. It's a scary sensation for a 7 year old to experience. :scared:
  8. DustDriver

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    I have this problem sometimes while yawning.
    Man it hurts when you can't close your mouth even if you want to.
    I had to help my mouth with closing by using my hand.
    After that i look out when i yawn so that i don't open my mouth to far.
  9. Barracuda


    Speaking of yawning, I hate when you yawn and it causes you to get a cramp that starts from your chin to the start of your neck, It hurts like hell.

    whenever i even think of something sour i feel that weird stinging in my jaw. I wouldn't say its painful, but it sure feels weird.
  10. TuneRVisioN


    It happens to my all the time when I chew something chewy. The pain is right below my left rear bottom tooth. :indiff: I don't know what causes it... Maybe my teeth need filling or something.
  11. TopHat


    I've only had this feeling when I'm chewing gum for more than half an hour.... Stride FTW! :D
  12. Barracuda


    I get this too when i eat too much sugar. It sorta hurts but doesn't, and is very very unpleasant feeling. but i usually get it in all my back teeth.
  13. Omnis

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    United States Sort of Back

    mandibular hypertrophy.