What is the car on the cover?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Gt fein, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Gt fein

    Roselle, NJ

    What car (Make + Model) is under the silver cover on the front of the case? I never really knew.
  2. StevieMo


    Dodge Viper if I remember correctly... its been a while since I looked at that case though.
  3. askia47

    East Coast

    really! never knew that.... :confused:
  4. Jordan

    United States United States

    No, I'm almost positive it's an NSX...

  5. reminded me of a camaro because of the pointy nose and the high back end
  6. StevieMo


    Never mind then
    I think I was thinking of one of the manual covers
  7. Jordan

    United States United States

    Ah, yes, that could be it. The rear section does look a bit short for an NSX, and the front looks too long...
  8. JoniK


    It's an NSX, i'm 100% sure of it.
  9. [​IMG]

    what do you guys think? It has to be one of these 2 cars.....
  10. Gt fein

    Roselle, NJ

    The rear section looks a little like a Mitsubishi FTO
  11. Jordan

    United States United States

    It's got to be the Camaro - the front bumpter on end of the nose drops off far too gradually to be an NSX.
  12. JoniK


    It's got to be the NSX. Can't you see? The front rear look just like the NSX rumple posted.
  13. Gt fein

    Roselle, NJ

    I see it now. It is an NSX. Look at the lower front lip and where the roof comes down in the rear.
  14. f50


    for me is a camaro.
  15. RVDNuT374

    United States Manning, SC

    I always thought it was an NSX.:cool:
  16. askia47

    East Coast

    We will never know....... :)
  17. CDailey

    United States Alabama

    maybe somebody should write to Polyphony Digital and ask them?!!!???¿¿¿ :thatsodd:
  18. [R]viper


    I've never had this type of cover, my GT1 cover is Quite different from this one. But on CD with GT2 I've got the same picture.
    It's NSX. I'm 100% sure.
    And what cars are on Japanese cover.One of them is Supra...
  19. [​IMG]

    Skyline GT-R R34. Why? Look at the front bumper, how deep it goes, with that deep, open area in front where the cover sheet is loose. The rear of the GT-R also turns up a bit at the tail, just as this (and the NSX, though) does. Also, the passenger compartment is too tall for either the Camaro or NSX. But most importantly, it's a Japanese game, a country where the GT-R is king. What else would they put on the cover?

    If it's not the GT-R, then it's the NSX, for the similar front bumper silhouette. :)
  20. Too bad there was no such thing as the R34 when the game was made.
  21. Race Idiot


    Here is what my ole Japanese box looks like
    The pal box is just the gt logo with a tyre tread or something.

    Personally the rear of the car on the us box looks like a camaro to me also the pointy front does as well.

    Or it could be a demio who knows?? :D
  22. askia47

    East Coast

    it's a mystery
  23. Acid X

    United States California

    Its a ****ing camaro. We all know the japanese case is different

    Because of the way the front slopes and how you can make out the lights slightly, its a 1996 chevrolet camaro. Get your facts straight people.
  24. Pupik

    Staff Emeritus
    United States AL

    What it it were really a Camaro and an NSX "Photoshoped " together...so people would always wonder?

    I always felt it was a Corvette, though...but it may have been a little more difficult to track down a Camaro in the Land of the Rising Sun. So my vote is the NSX.
  25. askia47

    East Coast

    it's probably an NSX
  26. Camaro for sure.
  27. Dj Def


  28. takumi64

    Fujiwara Tofu Shop

    It looked more like an Assoluto Bisonte from R4
  29. SpeedRaca

    Perth, Australia

    its obvious nobody will ever solve this mystery
  30. its a chevvy cammaro without question
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