What is the fastest speed a F090/S can do on the Test Coarse

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  1. dgraack


    I'm looking for a set-up for a F090/s for the test coarse. I have it set-up for road coarses just fine. What is the top speed this car hits? I won it at the Super Speedway endurance race. Any set-up tips would help.

  2. Zardoz


    I'll try to reply tonight after I get home. Just for fun, I tried all the F1s on the test course to see what sort of maximum speed I could get out of them. I even made up a little spreadsheet to keep track. I'll try to find it on my computer.
  3. Uncle Harry

    Uncle Harry

    I can get 371 kmh from a polyphony 001 with hp lowered due to oil light on in the F1 championship.
    Set the ride hieght a couple of notches from the bottom. Set the camber to 0 all round. Set the downforce to the far left all round and then play with the gearing, move the autoset to the right about 3/4 of the way and then test. Adjust the gearing so that the car is pulling max revs at the end of the straight. If you wish to draft set the autoset 2 notches further right to allow the car to run faster in the tow.
  4. Zardoz


    For the Test Course, always do the following:

    Change the oil
    Set downforce to the absolute minimum
    Some say LSD slows you down, so set it to zero
    Set toe settings to zero
    Raise your ride height a little to avoid bottoming out
    Use super-slick tires (Not applicable to Formula Ones, of course)
    And, obviously, max out the engine (Also NA to F1)

    I always use the tranny trick to set gears. If you're not familiar with the TT, set the final drive to the highest ratio (5.99 on the F090/S? Can't remember.), then slide the autoset all the way to the right, then slide it all the way to the left. Now adjust the final drive (only) for the track you're on so you redline just before the end of the longest straight.

    On the test course I set the F090/S final to 3.30 and squeezed 224 MPH out of it. Its the slowest Formula One. The F686/M is easily the fastest at 241 (3.02 final). Both the F094s will do 237 (also with a 3.02 ratio).

    Fastest car in the game is the Toyota GT-One Race Car at 272.
  5. mflintjer


    Sorry, I have to disagree with you Zardoz -- the fastest car in GT3 is the Pike's Peak Escudo. When you apply all the add-ons for it -- you can have a HP rating of about 1800 or more, and can get the better part of 300+ MPH out of it.

    In fact, I have never been able to truely get an acurate MPH, due to the shortness of the track with that much HP!

    As far as th settings for the F094/s or h, try this

    1. toe and camber set to 0 (like everyone else stated)
    2. down force to minimum (also like everyone else stated)
    3. drop that sucker to the ground -- it's a relatively flat course with little in the way of bumps.
    4. keep original 1-6 gear settings, and only mess around with the final gear. If you mess around with gears 1-6, you will actually take the quickness out of the first 3 gears, and end up not having enough room on the straight to get to red-line in 6th by the end of it. You may find that your freind in this case is that little bit of turn at the end of the straight. If you are not actually racing, you can just ram the gaurdrail at full-throttle. And always go in the opposite way you would normally race.

    And as far as the F686/m being the fastest F1 -- just because it has more HP than the F094/, does not necessarily mean it's faster. The gearing in the F686/m is MUCH different than in the F094/. Unless you are hybriding, you cannot make the gears match that of a F094/ -- I've tried, it doesn't work. The F094 has the lightest frame, the best gearing and when you tune the final gear only .2 more than the original settings, you can smash Michael Schummachers record at the Cote d' Azure track. It allows you to get out of the corners quicker than the CPU's, and on that track, you get plenty of speed in the straights. The original course is "Monacco", and there are very few places to pass and even fewer places to get to top speed -- if you can even do it! I pommeled his record by more than 5 minutes, and did it without hybriding, cheat codes or anything on the first try!

    Just my honest and tested opinion. :)
  6. Zardoz


    I stand corrected on the Escudo. Of course, 300+ MPH with those aerodynamics is a farce. It would need a Saturn V first-stage booster to actually get a lump like that to that kind of speed.

    Note that I said "on the Test Course" about the 686/M being fastest. No other F1 can get to 240 on that stupid track. The 94/S is definitely the best all-around F1, without a doubt.
  7. doomzdaykiller


    I def agree with them guyz way more, the escudo is by far the fastest, i hit a speed of 1162.7MPH just last night after i figured out the proper settings & how to come out of the turns properly

  8. Nickskrap


    What settings didn you use the get the Escudo up to 1000+????
  9. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    Well i 1st i used the get tha Excuso up 2 1000+ w gaemshrk. it was gr8 btw.
  10. Carbon_77


    I got about 221mph. with one. Also, how d you change it to km/h?? I heard people did this but I don't know how. It doesn't appear in the GT3 options menu. Help.
  11. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    Okay, big newsflash: you cannot change mph to kph in GT3!!! or vice versa. The game manual (i think) says you can, but this feature was never included in any GT game till GT4. I personally sometimes go to www.onlineconversion.com whenever i need something switched around.
  12. ozirules


    My PAL version of GT 2 & 3 is in km/h if that is any help.I can not change to MPH