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Discussion in 'Music' started by a6m5, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    I think it would be cool to find out what kind of CDs the members are currently buying. I'm always interested in what kind of CDs my friends are buying.

    I just bought used copies of:

    Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily(I've heard this CD just once, when it was new)
    White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan(It's OK so far, but doesn't sound as good as "Elephant" to me).

    Depending on the popularity of this thread, I want to make one for the DVD as well. Also, I'm wondering if legal downloading should be added to this thread, like thru iTunes. Any feedbacks would be appreciated. :)

    Edit: I changed the title from "CD" to "Music", so you can post songs/albums other than just CDs.
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  2. Event

    PSN:GTP_event / kevinr6287 (farming account)

    Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

    THinking about picking up Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band soon.
  3. Sakiale


    I have it (somewhere) (i think) (i have the case at least), and you should get it, its really good.
  4. HACKr

    United States Connecticut

    U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  5. The last CD I bought was Dead Prez - Let's Get Free and I can't remember the last one I bought before that. I don't buy CDs often.

    edit: Just remembered I bought a CD of a friend's band the other night but I don't have it yet so I'd forgotten about it.
  6. My most recent on was P.O.D. - Testify, and before that it was Metallica - Ride the Lightning.
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  7. My lastest additions were Audioslave - Out of Exhile, and ACDC - Back in Black.
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  8. ceiling_fan

    United States Utah

    Just picked up Bireli Lagrene- Move.
  9. The last CD I bought was Tool - 10,000 Days I believe.
  10. ROAD_DOGG33J

    United States IL, USA

    Me too...I don't buy CDs often.
  11. Crash

    United States Puget Sound

    The last CDs I bought were Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon and The Ramones : Their Greatest Hits
  12. I just picked up Allister - Before the Blackout
  13. Omnis

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Sort of Back

    Just bought Optimus Rhyme - School The Indie Rockers and the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.
  14. Master_Yoda


    Tool-10,000 Days... I don't really buy. Usually just downlaod them. But I like to buy artists taht arn't very known. Thats why I buy Dream Theater's... Tool's.. Maybe some others.. really nobody knows who they are around here..
  15. Speedy Samurai

    Japan Saitama

    And where do you live that Dream Theater and Tool are not well known? Outer space? I like to buy cds to support the artists so that they keep making music. As I am not interested in a whole lot of artists and won't shed a tear if they go the way of 'tripping daisy' (just an example), I don't buy a lot of cds anymore.

    Bought 2 cds yesterday though. The new Andromeda CD and the new Dramagods CD, Nuno Bettencourt's band.
  16. Last CD I bought was Ted Nugent's Extended versions which was basically a live CD.
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  17. GilesGuthrie

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    I bought three at the same time:
    Keane - Under the Iron Sea
    The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home
    Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

    The Snow Patrol CD is awesome.
  18. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    Agreed, though I still like their "Final Straw" even more. I missed them in Portland(Oregon) recently, and still am beating myself up over that one. :banghead:
  19. The last CD I bought was The Offspring's greatest hits. I like it, it has all their biggest songs on.
  20. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    And there you go. That's what this thread is for! :tup: I will be getting that. Now, someone please tell me that AC/DC released a greatest hits. :D
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  21. i bought Eagles of DeathMetal - Death by sexy........such a great CD, nearly the same sound as Queens of the Stoneage (Josh Homme playing in both bands) but a real great album :tup:

  22. Master_Yoda


    I live in a place that everyone listens to rap.. Or punk... IT SUCKS.. I mean theres people that know of them, but not to many. like 70-80% of the people at my school listen to rap... I'm like whatever.. :p Only true hard cord listeners don't listen to rap :) I HATE IT
  23. Slicks


    Bought a few CD's on Sunday.
    -The Cream of Clapton
    -Burton/Cummings Songbook
    -Tom Petty - Highway Companion.

    I wouldn't reccomend Highway Companion. It's got all of two decent tracks (Saving Grace, and Flirting with Time), and the rest is quite slow. It's very different from what I expected. The other two albums are sort of 'Best-Of' compilations, but good nonetheless. As I don't have the money to buy all the albums I want, they will do for now.
  24. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    Cream of Clapton is my favorite Eric Clapton CD. Classic rock at finest! I was told that not all of the lead vocal on the CD is Clapton. Anybody know more about this?
  25. My latest additions are:
    Wolfmother - Wolfmother
    Razorlight - Razorlight
    LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
  26. Samberto

    Australia Great Ocean Road

    A bit off topic, though did anybody manage to see the Cream reunion special on TV? If it was decent, I'll look into tracking down the promotional DVD that's doing the rounds on ebay.

    The last CD that I purchased was Dan Kelly's Man-O-Mercy EP. Caught the band a couple of weeks back with Augie March- it might be blind patriotism, but I reckon Melbourne has the best live music scene in the world. :D
  27. Seanman


    I just got The Best of Led Zeppelin and ...And Justice for All by Metallica.

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  28. that's such an awesome record :ouch: :tup:

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  29. GM

    PSN:George0393 + GTP_GM

    Wolfmother, great CD, I reccomend it :tup:
  30. Saturday, I bought NOFX's Wolves In "Wolve's Clothing" and Anti-Flag's "For Blood And Empire" They're both pretty good. But "Wolves" just seemed like a bit of the same NOFX which isn't that bad, I just wish there was a bit of ingenuity there. "For Blood And Empire" was the better of the two IMO, really good stuff if your into punk :tup:.
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