What was your most hyped game(s) during each of the generations you played through?

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Ps1 I couldn’t wait for Tekken 3. Spend all my money on the arcade then still had to wait 6 months

Ps2: Fahrenheit. Angelo badalementi soundtrack choices etc. I was totally hypnotized by the demo they put out.

Ps3: Gt5. I hyped it up so much. Played prologue so incredibly much. And also GTA V. The hype was unbelievable.

Ps4: Dark Souls 3. After Bloodborne I couldn’t wait for a new Dark Souls. Metal Gear solid was also hyped, especially because of ground zeroes.

Ps5: Except for GT7, I don’t know yet. Can’t wait play a gt with proper single player campaign again.
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Soul Blade PS1
I played that game to death. Even after it got scratched. Music, animations, vocals and the story of each character, were cool to me.

Ace Combat on Dreamcast
So realistic. I'd fly as far as I could go. Hurry to complete missions and just fly around. Move the camera outside the jet and look down with the cockpit in view of the landscape. Awesome game.

Powerstone 1&2 Dreamcast
Probably the best single and co-op game I've ever played on a console(Golden Eye was pretty close). Too much fun. Had gotten it for the PSP as well.

Gran Turismo 1-4 on each respective console.

TOCA Touring Cars & ToCA 2

Syphon Filter and Red Faction(think that was Nintendo). Played through and completed those games twice. Really enjoyed them.
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Ace Combat never released on DC, you might be thinking of Air Force Delta
Had a look at some images and thought the graphics were better than that. Well, it was a jet fighter game on Dreamcast.
Atari 2600, probably the Masters of the Universe game, I still remember the 8-bit version of the intro music.
NES - Mario 3 and I think nothing else came close.
SNES - I was so hyped for Super Castlevania IV and it delivered, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid. On the sports side, Super Tecmo Bowl.
PS1 - Final Fantasy VII after getting to know the franchise on the SNES, and Metal Gear Solid.
N64 - Zelda The Ocarina of Time, Starfox 64, Donkey Kong 64.
Dreamcast - Resident Evil Code Veronica, Shenmue, honorable mention NFL 2K.
To be continued...
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How could I forget Shenmue. Got that game and sold it. No way could I play that game in real time, with a young son to take care of.


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The only games I've been super excited for on release day have been GT3, GT5, GT6 and GTAV. Before GT3 I was not really on the ball with what was coming out, and just begged my parents for a new game now and then or waited for birthday/christmas. GT4 dropped while I was backpacking so gaming was off my radar for a while and I never owned a PS4. Very excited for GT7 - I was gutted that it didn't end up making it as a release game for the PS5 after I wore my F5 key out trying to get online store websites to let me in for preorders.
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I got every console that I've owned fairly far into it's life so I mostly was able to avoid the launch title flops.

- Gran Turismo 2

  • Gran Turismo 4,
  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas
  • (Honorable Mention: I specifically remember being absolutely blown away by a GT3 demo at a gamestop before I bought a PS2)

Xbox 360
  • Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  • GTA IV
  • Read Dead Redemption
  • Forza Horizon

- Gran Turismo 5

Xbox One
  • Read Dead Redemption 2
  • Forza Horizon 3

  • Gran Turismo 7 (heavily dampened by the cross gen announcement)
  • Riders Republic (lol)

These are not necessarily my favorite titles of these consoles, but they were the ones I was hyped about. For me the PS2 & Xbox 360 were my favorite consoles and my game collection on those consoles dwarfed all the others (I had just two PS3 titles and only a handful of Xbox One titles). The most hyped I've been for a game is probably a 3-way tie between GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and Gran Turismo 5. Like I still have nostalgic feelings of hype when watching the flock of seagulls GTA Vice City trailer. Helicopters! Motorcycles! 13 year old brain explodes

*I bought an N64 basically at the end of that console's life and so I don't remember getting particularly hyped for any upcoming games. My memory of the pre-PS1/N64 era is hazy at best.

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PS1: Gran Turismo 2

N64: 007 Golden Eye

PS2: Gran Turismo 3 (My parents got me the game on launch week while we were on holidays abroad and I didn’t even have the console yet) and Metal Gear Solid 2.

PS3: Gran Turismo 5 (I bought the console when GT5 Prologue came out).

PS4: Dark Souls 3, GT Sport, Death Stranding.

PS5: Demons Souls and Elden Ring for now.


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I started gaming way back in the mid 80s. My parents has an Atari 2600, my Aunt an Intellivision and my best friend had a Nintendo. I was a wee lad back then though so I can't say as I had any hype for a particular game back then. I was hyped to just play in general. So, I'll fast forward a bit and start on when I bought my first console, the PSX.
I spent a lot of hours playing Crash Bandicoot with my mom, and had a lot of fun, but the game that I was hyped for the most was probably Colony Wars. Buy, I was also really getting into racing at the time as well, and there was no shortage of racing games coming out. GT, NFS, CM Rally, Wipeout, TOCA. Those games were the ones that set the stage for my gaming passion that is still with me over 2 decades later, sim gaming.
PS2 Brought more racing games, more space Sims. But the one game I remember playing a lot was Kenjo: Masters of Bushido. Which looks like it might a spiritual successor in Hellish Quart.
PS3 was put during my stint in the army, and as such, I played a lot of COD, but GT5 was still my main goto game. In fact, GT5 was my last serious foray in console gaming before moving to PC.
I did get a PS4 as I had planned on continuing my league racing with GTS, but with the lack of G27 support, I at that point just kinda stayed with the PC and let my kids take over the PS4. At this point if I get a new generation console, it will likely be solely for my son. At this point in life I am pretty much done with most games that aren't sim based.
I do need to add though, I am still a huge fan of the GTA series and have been playing since the very first release on the PC back in the mid 90s. I have owned every version of GTA since, and will definitely be getting GTA6, when/if it ever drops. I think R* has done an amazing job fleshing out characters and the world as the game has developed from a top down, answer the pay phone for missions game to the full sized open 3d world that it is today. I admit that I am not a fan of how long R* has been squeezing GTAO to get people buying shark cards. And I think they could do a better job of looking at what exactly the modder/RP community has done with their game. Hopefully they incorporate some of what's been done into GTA6. But damn, the SP game play, they knocked that out of the park.