What will be the most popular manufacturer in Gran Turismo 7?

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No poll.

Just "thinking out loud". Partners of PD are vying for player's choices. Toyota dishing out free car(s) for your time, Mazda rewarding brand loyalty( I'm pumping this stuff up :sly: ). Seriously, though.
PD making sure Mazda and Toyota are automatically in FIA events. Porsche becoming a partner. Michelin all in for now.
EVs are becoming a big deal. SUVs have taken over from small cars and family sedans/wagons.

When GTS came out, it seemed like the French marques were the ones to have. Still seems a bit that way, if you want to win a Gr.4 Daily Race. The marketing has ramped up within that game. Safe to say we'll see even more in GT7. Naturally.

Porsche with Taycan and possibly their Unseen portfolio, plus the GT1 road car. Toyota's new car line up. Mazda banking on their 100+ years. Brands realeasing VGTs proving to themselves they "still got it".
Mercedes-Benz haven't outright posted anything, but having Lewis Hamilton TT DLC, the AMG GT S cover car and the AMG GT GT3 pretty much selling itself with its performance, make it a popular brand.

It's all marketing.
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If it's anything like GT Sport the most popular manufacturer at any given time will be the one with the best balance of performance, so my educated guess is going to be Dodge.
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Whatever the meta for Sport Mode is, or which one has the most cars (specifically the most ‘cheap’ cars).
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If it's anything like GT Sport the most popular manufacturer at any given time will be the one with the best balance of performance, so my educated guess is going to be Dodge.

That is a good joke. Especially when you extended it by saying educated guess as a replacement to partiality, preference or bias towards.
Aside from the car list of Toyota and to a smaller extent Mazda, I personally don't see any bias towards official partner marques.

To start with, there's no production Cayman in the game for some odd reason. No 928/948, no 959, and I'm sure there are plenty more historically significant Porsches others can name that haven't even been on PD's radar. Even for a smaller company like Mazda, we're missing all important cars like the 1967 Cosmo Sport, JC Cosmo, the RX-8 Spirit R, SA RX-7, MX-30, NB and NC Roadsters, actual Roadster Cup Cars, Speed3, and not to mention the 787B is a cruel joke in this game.

Even if we were to look at the partners' competitive merits, again, nothing really jumps out at me aside from Toyota. Porsche only won one live manufacturers (if I recall correctly), and both their cars are just hopeless in a straight line. Mazda hasn't even made it to the grid of these live events when the likes of Hyundai have. The Atenza Gr. 4 is simply abysmal; by far the single worst Gr. 4 car in every aspect, especially tyre wear. The Atenza Gr. 3 was nerfed in mass twice in the last season when it was hardly tearing up leaderboards before, and the RX-Vision is a rather tail happy mess I never feel comfortable behind the wheel of.

If I were an impressionable kid with no pre-emptive bias, I wouldn't look at Mazda or Porsche and think, "wow, this is a good manufacturer!" just by playing this game and judging by merit (I still blow chef's kisses to the Cayman GT4 Clubsport every time I drive one though). The GR Yaris might just sway me on Toyota though.
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The RSR has proven popular in GTS. Also, the 991 '16 are one of the META in N500. 962C is a favorite in Group C.
So far, the 917K is getting so many looks.
If that car, fingers crossed, is not Gr.X(the multi-class trailer could mean nothing) and is in the 1,000,000-2,000,000 range, it's another feather in the cap for that brand.

Who knows? It might take a couple cars like the Cappuccino and Escudo to propel that brand to the top. However, the partnership Manufacturers are having a head start.