What you think of car classes and what kinda people do you envision using these?

DISCLAIMER: This is a thread about racing events with collisions and/or open world driving in FH5. It's also NOT meant to offend anyone. If I did offend someone, I apologize!!

What do you think of each class and which demographic do you see/think uses them?

This is based on perception and how the people's cars are seen on the World Map.

D-Class: Usually these are the obscure cars that can be tuned a lot but have lower handling on road. Good for a patience run or if you're bored. I see none of that class being driven. I tend to be quite entertained by finding how fast I can make these cars while maintaining them in D-class.

C-Class: Usually Classic/Retro Muscle cars and Retro Hatches. My Dad's era cars! Me and Him really like these, we usually tune them to A/800-S1/900, the latter only if possible. I tend to use normal tires or vintage white-line tires when I can. Again, I don't see anyone who use these cars.

B-Class: Usually Super Hot Hatches and or Historic/Vintage machines seem to end up here. I tend to like a Good Retro/Classic Hot Hatch, especially French ones! This car class sometimes end up in seasonal championships. Aside from that, I see very few people using them if close to none.

A-Class: My favorite Class. Most of these cars are in my opinion well-balanced and if tuned properly, over a long stretch they can do 300 Km/h - 180 MPH when they have no downforce. I see some people using these cars but not overly many. In A-Class I usually win at Highly Skilled but not always.

S1-Class: This class is one I don't mind too much but I sometimes find people who crash driving these. I myself I'm not very good at these but I really like how they handle well in most cases when the car starts in that class or close to it. The A.I. seems to go faster in that class too sometimes. Lots of people with this car class. Usually drifters or mid-level drag cars.

S2-Class: This class is not my favorite by a lot of means. Sometimes you get Ace drivers then sometimes you get the Dreg players (I call myself average.) who ram others online or can't take a corner and either spin-out or goes smack into a wall at approx. 300 Km/h - 180 MPH and don't seem to care.

X-Class: (NOTE: THIS IS MY PERCEPTION ABOUT USUAL SIGHTS, if you race in that class and that you're good or that you're not like the people mentioned down there, crash often or not, you are in no means mentioned here and are good.)

The Turd-Class with a lot of immature drivers and ramming Dregs when you race online. Most these guys/girls and even sometimes kids are microphone screamers and try-hard players who will take you out at any cost and will call you by any name if you win with a car they don't like. Also contains Drag freaks who usually crash their cars on the game's highway because they overly lowered their front-handling and they can't even take a tiny kink when they race.
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