What's your favourite car in the game?

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Cars are personal and there are many reasons for picking a favourite. What's your favourite car so far and why? :)

My favourite so far has to be the Ferrari 458 Italia Gr.3. I love driving FR cars and this one just feels so great to handle. It does what I tell it to do and with just the right amount of speed and control. The interior is also one of my favourites in the game, as well as the engine sound. All of the Ferrari cars sound really great; they have a bit more personality to their engine sounds than most of the cars in the game. My only negative is that the Ferrari cars are rather restrictive in livery mode, so you cannot make use of real brands for instance.

I really like the L750R I think it's called, It's the Peugeot Red Bull VGT.

It just feels like the closest thing to an F1 car in the game, albeit a bit more overpowered... but I always preferred the higher speed, super snappy cornering ability, as opposed to driving some slow **** and feeling like im on a sunday drive.
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I really liked driving the Ford Mustang Gr3.road car in the campaign mode but its not in the Ford dealership. Id really like to have this car, anybody know if its going to become available to purchase?
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Viper gr4, and when I just want to have fun I do custom arcade races with the SFR race concept at N400 and race against gr3 or gr4 cars on expert starting in 20th place. It's slower in the straights but murders everything in the corners.