What's your favourite car in your collection

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Never !!
Got it today........Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (R230) ‘04

I Have the Enzo too, but it's a beast. Maybe my friend will pay me to upload cars to his PS3 for when GT5 is released lol.
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Right now its my tried n true Audi S4. I have a tradition on buying yellow ones. That, and the Honda Euro-R. I like the way it handles for an FF vehicle.
I love the 787B but I have hard time handling it in this game. Analog gas/brake is tricky. I like driving the GT-R Spec V, but my favorite ride for racing is the S2000 LM. Not too powerful, very forgiving, and it handles like a dream. I also like the Subaru Legacy 2.5GT - my real life daily driver.
My favorite car is the Cusco Subaru! Has been my favorite sense GT3! The S2000 LM is very close though!!
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Suzuki GSX-R/4 Concept '01
I race with the "cockpit" view and open top cars are the best with it and the Suzuki is the only open top car I own right now.
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The Mazda Furai. Man that car is a beast. It just blows through the gears like crazy. That thing on The Ring is SOOOOO much fun. I am also loving the Saleen S7. The thing is a drifting beast. It has so much power. I have done power slides in 5th gear :crazy:. Its also pretty predictable.
Well, I just started yesterday and I only played for 12 hours but so far, I gotta say my favourite cars are the RE Amemiya RX-7, the Amuse Carbon R and the Nismo 400R :P they are very nice to drive :P
Suzuki ESCUDO Dirt Trial Car '98. 1000bhp and about 800kg. Amazing.
Honourable mentions:
Mazda Furai
Ferrari Enzo
Polyphony F1
I really love the GT-R SpecV '09, ít's beautiful! I really like also the M3 GTR and the Charger Super Bee.
Oh where to start.. the Nissan GTR Spec V '09 is GREAT value for credits, it's absolutely fantastic. If it's this good in GT5 I'm quite sure that will be the car I'll race the most in GT mode. I mean, it beats whatever the game pairs with me. Veyrons, ZR1, you name it.

And the Nissan Option Stream Z too is also great fun, albeit I miss the option to tweak the transmission on it. All the VW's are excellent, especially the R32 on the snow track.

I've also bought the ZR1, Enzo, SLR McLaren, the Veyron and the F2007. But I prefer the GTR to any of these =]
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Mine is my Fairlady Z 2+2 300ZX twinturbo '98. Just because I own a Z32, then I have almost the whole collection of Z's from the 240z-350z including all race versions


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I am loving my Tommykaira ZZ, it is impossible for it to lose traction.:)👍

Honorable Mentions:
Buick Special '62 (My drift car)
Dodge Viper SRT10 '03
Nissan GT-R Spec-V '09
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For me you cant beat razzing around Citta Di Aria in the old school mini, espicially against 3 other mini's.

Also the Evo VI GSR T.M. 'OO, it's just a blast round long corners, and an excellent drifter, touch of handbrake (never used before in a race game for me!!!!) and rag the hell out of the engine......

loving the Audi R8 LMS, great new addition

cant wait for the ferraris to come around again, need them,

P.S. Nurbergring-Mini=10.37
Probably most people here would disagree, but they say the Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car is one of the most all around balanced cars since GT came out. I'm a Honda fan however, so I'd have to say my favorite car in my collection is the Spoon S2000 and of course the Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car.
I'm very much into standard road cars, being gt a real simulator I love to drive cars that I could actually buy at the dealer in my town.
For this reason I'm going to choose as my favourite cars the nissan gtr and, suprisingly enough for me, the corvette ZR1. I generally don't like american cars because they are very rarely good at taking corners but this is a great sport car.
Obviously I must mention the bugatti too, that car is a monster and a masterpiece of engineering.

The GT liveried S2000 Race Car. Was my favorite car in GT4, still is. Right behind that is the Team PlayStation Audi R8 LMS.
I love sooo many cars from my garage, I'm absolutely adoring my collection and the fact that it will transfer to GT5.

But, If I had to pick I would say Nissan GT-R V Spec '09 with the Ford GT '05 coming in at a close second.

I have become quite adept at drifting the Ford GT but the Nissan GT-R handles sooo darn good!!!
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At this point, it's probably the Chaparral 2J or the Toyota 7 race car. The cockpit views are awesome, and they're just plain fun to drive.
So far, I love (for some reason) the Audi RS4 wagon. I think it sounds so good. Haha...

And I love wrestling with the GT-R Concept LM Race car too.

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Yes, the Nissan GTR V-spec '09 is a dream, but I am currently enjoyed passing it on Trial Mountain in my ProtoMotors Spirra. I forgot how much fun that car is to drive. Always seems like it's right on the edge.

p.s I just bought my Bugatti today so the Spirra will be parked in the garage for awhile.