What's your preferred camera view in GTS?

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What's your preferred camera view?

  • Cockpit View

  • Third Person

  • Roof View

  • Bumper View

  • Hood View

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I'm just curious what view most people use when playing GTS. Personally, I almost exclusively play the game in cockpit view. It just gives the most immersive experience in my opinion. The only annoying thing about it though are the exaggerated windshield reflections during sunset lighting.


Since arcade racing I prefer bonet view, but they never seem to implement it in the same way as in the arcade.
I feel cockpit view is too restrictive.
So I have learnt to use bumper cam...

From a VR perspective, I was blown away with cockpit view as you get the freedom to look out in any direction you like.
I prefer the bumper view as I can see more, cockpit view really didn't give me that immersion feel. Have to say though if VR was available in every mode other than arcade then I would be cockpit all the way, that really gives that immersion of being inside the car.
Bumper view as it has a clear rear view mirror and better fov.
I actually play Assetto Corsa always in cockpit view but the fov in cockpit view in GT is messed up. And it's so dark in there, all the cars must have tinted windscreens!
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I find all of the camera angles a compromise in GT and would love some more views/customisation options. I use bumper view purely because it gives the best view of the track and cars around you along with the rear view mirror. However, when following a car closely your view ahead can be obscured quite badly.

Cockpit view has too small a FOV and the windscreen reflections are way over the top. I'd also like the option to remove the steering wheel from this view as in some other games. The roof view is too far up to feel immersive for me and I lose that sense of being at one with the car. The option to have the mirror in every view is a must, it's so much easier to be predictable when driving around others when you can glance up and see where the cars behind are on track.

The game desperately needs the dashboard view found in the likes of Assetto Corsa, this view, placed just inside the windshield still gives you the immersion of the cockpit view, but with a much better perspective of the track of the track around you. Now I've driven with this, its difficult to go back to what GT offers. Another feature that would help hugely with clean online racing is a spotter. This is available in all online races in Project Cars 2 now, at least on the PC version, and I find it incredibly helpful, telling me when i'm clear of a car alongside and on which corner of the car a rival is approaching etc. I'd love to see a similar system implemented in GT in the future.


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Bumper since GT1. Rear view mirror is good and I get a better sense of where I'm placing the car and at what speed I'm going. Also, I think the sounds are not so filtered as in cockpit or 3rd person view for example, especially tire sounds, which I find essential due to the lack of feedback from the wheel...
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Bumper cam for me. I get the Idea that cockpit view is more enjoyable to race with, but you miss the physical felling to your car and I mean "If you raced in real life your body will feel if the car is going in a spin and you can react to it and probably safe it" of course you can't feel that in a game, but at least you can see it in a bumper view. Also I think it's safer in online racing especially with a lot of us complaining about some people that are not aware of their surroundings.
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United States
I picked cockpit view as it is the view I prefer, how ever it is too restrictive imo, so I end up using bumper view most of the time. Maybe the poll should have been worded "Which view do you use" rather than prefer?
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I use the third person view because I like to see the car. it has the benefit of allowing me to see other cars and the apex better but the cockpit view is more fun just because it's more frantic, claustrophobic, and immersive.

But I can't even think of doing cockpit if I don't have the course dialed in. Without the ability to smoothly turn the camera towards the inside during a turn, it's impossible to see my apex. Even in Grand Theft Auto Online, with third person view I'm always simultaneously using the right thumbstick to read my turn and line up my apex... I can't even do anything like that in Gran Turismo since the right stick just flicks hard left and right instead of being a smooth elastic camera that snaps back to center when you let it go.
I prefer the third person view because it lets me see my car sliding outwards, I can see my racing line, along with any cars thats along side.
I'm with you here. I actually prefer bumper cam but I feel 3. person is safer and more efficient when in sport mode...
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I'd like to use third person, but it just doesn't feel right, even on the loosest settings it still needs more camera swing. I've been spoiled with a few years playing GTA V.
I always use cockpit view in all my sim racers. I have been using bumper cam on GTS mostly though. Assetto has been my main sim(on pc) for years and Im really used to not seeing my drivers hands and the steering wheel on my screen, since they can be removed. As most cockpit setups my screen is right behind my steering wheel. I dont need to see my hands and wheel and then the games. Would be great to have the option to remove them in GTS. So bumper view it is.
Since it's been available in ANY racing/driving game, I've used bumper cam. I've tried other views over the years, but for me, bumper cam is where my comfort zone is and is what I'm fastest with. I'm also loving the radar in GT Sport... it really helps with the close encounters along with the shading you see on screen when someone is close.

I honestly think everyone should use the radar even though it is painfully obvious it won't help with those people whose "give a 🤬 factor" is really low or nonexistent. Nothing helps with idiots.