Wheel Rotation Issues

Hello People, just a question and hopefully some Solution
For this annoying Circumstance.
I try to keep it short and clear.
Sometimes and absolutely randomly, it happens that the amount of Steering input magically changes so that I have to turn the Wheel much much more to get the Car to turn.
It only happens in online Lobbies.
It never does that when doing offline stuff.
It feels like the rotation changes from the calibrated 900 Degree turning Radius to 1080 Degrees.
It happens completely randomly.
I set up a lobby, race with a mate. We finish the race and are back in the lobby.
We start the same race again, no changes, nothing, and out of nothing the Car just doesn’t want to turn appropriate.
Suddenly my inputs don’t match the on screen Wheels‘ input and I have to turn the Wheel way more, and therefore loose so much time over a lap. Like 2-3 Seconds slower on a 2minute ish lap for example. I can still drive the Car, for sure but it just doesn’t feel right.
I have no clue why it happens and would highly appreciate it if someone could help me how to solve this xxxx.
Maybe you @IfAndOr have some wise clue ;)


Still here.
Shropshire, UK.
XB1:Yes. XBL:No
Maybe you @IfAndOr have some wise clue
Hmm, I'm a bit lacking with the wise clues on this one. :)

Other to say that online there's sometimes a problem in that the game sets the wrong car tuning settings which can often make the car behave differently. Try loading in the settings you want before each race.

Also check that the track temperature hasn't changed, since a colder track will make a lot of difference in PC2.